Wednesday, June 06, 2007


After a lot of debate on which race to do this weekend, I went ahead and signed up for the Race for Recovery on Sunday. I know, it means travel, overnight stay, extra money, etc., but I really wanted to do a triathlon this weekend and I really didn't want to do a duathlon. A woman I work with who had given me directions to the park with the closed beach said the water there is "terrible! I'd never swim there!" So that helped make up my mind. I'm disappointed in wasting the money, and hopefully I can go and collect my shirt and whatever else they were giving out. But I have learned a lesson to never sign up for this race again!

I have to wonder what Michele Jones thought of the swim last year. The lake has been known to be badly polluted over the years. Yes, she was actually here promoting a bike at one of the bike shops and did the race--and won the women's division of course! I haven't heard of any triathlon celebrities who will be there this year, but I'm thinking it won't be an issue if there isn't a tri!

So the Race for Recovery swim is in Lake Erie, where I have swam one time before. That time it was very choppy, so I don't expect much different. I'm used to Lake Michigan. I just hope it isn't as cold! But at least I expect it to be CLEAN!

Now just watch. Now that I've signed up for another race, the e.coli ban will be lifted and the race will probably go on! I don't want to know!


bunnygirl said...

It sounds like even without the e.coli, the water is nasty. Good luck at Lake Erie!

Phoenix said...

Good for you! Who cares about the entry fee - you do not want to swim in a nasty lake.

Have a great time!!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Since you didn't want to do a duathlon and even if they lifted the ban, it would be questionable about swimming in a lake that days before was closed for e.coli....I think you made the most of the situation. Have fun at the Race for Recovery!!

Flo said...

I'm a chemist in a lab and deal with E. coli in ocean water all the time. Even if it cleared up today, they wouldn't get test results till tomorrow and you shouldn't open a beach based on 1 good result. You are much better off not doing that race because that water is not going to be safe on Saturday. Good decision.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great decision. GO and enjoy the weekend.