Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In preparing for the Olympic tri in June, my training schedule called for a 1 hour swim and a 20 minute run on Monday. I'm not sure whether the run is supposed to follow the swim, but in any event, what I did do was swim 1 mile (41 min.) before work and walk 20 minutes during lunch. That seemed to do the trick to get the rigor mortis out of my legs, and by last evening, I was able to maneuver the steps again.
Today's schedule then was supposed to be a 1 hour bike and a 20 minute run. After checking the weather last night, the forecast was for rain showers and storms today, so I didn't pack my bike. When I got up this morning, it was also forecast that storms were imminent, so again I decided not to take a chance on the biking this morning. I have a lunchtime conflict, so couldn't do the spinning class, and it was almost a 100% chance of rain this afternoon and evening, and no possibility of using the spinning bikes at the gym in the evening. So, what to do, what to do?
When I got up this morning, I was still tired enough that I didn't really mind not biking, and decided I would walk again instead. I was slightly disappointed, however, when I got to the gym and it still had not rained, as was forecast to be imminent, but instead was sunny and blue skies. It was really windy though, so it would have been a difficult bike ride regardless.
I do love being out in the wind, that is if I'm not running or biking into it, or worrying about my hair for a particular reason. It was a pleasant walk, and I felt much looser and faster than yesterday. It was nice walking along the river, seeing all the ducks either on the lookout for predators after their nests or babies, or on the prowl for handouts. Thankfully, no geese though. Those creatures can be mean.
There was a lot of activity around the area today, with some work being done on the riverwalk path, forcing me off the path and through the college campus, quiet temporarily at least, now that graduation has taken place. At one street, I decided to venture to cross during a break in traffic and broke into a trot, only to realize that even if my life had depended on it, running probably would not have worked today.


Flo said...

Smart to listen to your body. A couple of easy days will pay off more in the long run then pushing it.

Good job on the 25k. I finally got to read the race report.

Fe-lady said...

Get a trainer! Then you can set up your bike in your back room/porch/kitchen and spin for an hour! Believe me...it transfers!
Glad you are over the soreness! Did you take the ice bath plunge?
I am a true believer in this!