Thursday, May 10, 2007


I don't know if anyone else has been experiencing this problem, but for almost two weeks now I have not been able to post to my blog when at work. I had no problem at home, so I started wondering if there was some block on my use. But there had been no messages from our Help Desk indicating a block, and I have had no problem reading or posting to others' blogs, so I just didn't know what to think. Not only could I not post, but I could not upload pictures. So part of the reason for my sparse posts lately has been due to this; the other was my work load and the inability to post at work combined.

Today, I researched in the help groups and found a suggestion to change browsers. I went to the same browser I have at home and voila! It worked.

So if any of you are experiencing problems lately on posting or uploading, try switching browsers first and see what happens.

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Flo said...

I'm a Firefox devotee now. I was tricked into upgrading to IE 7 and everytime I used it had problems. I switched to Firefox and have had no real problems since. Glad you figured out your problem :)