Thursday, May 24, 2007


Summer is upon us here in Grand Rapids, at least for a couple of days. If I didn't know better, I would worry about potential hot weather for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, and particularly how it relates to the 10k Bayshore run. But I do know better. I do know that with weekend plans to go away, it most definitely will either cool down or rain, or both. I have stayed home for everyone's convenience the last two years, and Don and his tri-geek friends were blessed with good weather for their 200 mile weekend ride. Three years prior to this, we went to Traverse City for the races, even going so far as to rent a cottage on a lake for some open water swimming, only to have it rain and get so cold we had to turn the heat on in the cabin. So it remains to be seen if bad weather follows us again this year.

I am also happy to say I am not concerned about this race. It was a last-minute decision to sign up, and after having just completed a 25k, I think I can manage a 10k. And it fits into my training plans perfectly.

I have no serious expectations for this race. Unlike in my younger years, when I actually drove up to the race the morning of, ran the race, grabbed some post-race food, checked the results and headed back to the car, all under the course of an hour (not counting the drive there, of course), I figure it will take me well over an hour to just finish the thing, and then spend the next day and a half recovering!

So I am looking forward to our overly priced room at the Grand Traverse Resort, hoping it has a jacuzzi in the room for that price!

I hope everyone else has a great weekend and the weather Gods smile upon you.


Fe-lady said...

Have a great race and a wonderful time at the resort! Glad to see you are finally using the "prize" you earned!
Go Vickie GO!!!!

Flo said...

Have a great weekend and have fun at the race. It will be wonderful :)

Phoenix said...

Have an awesome time! Can't wait to read the report.

May the weather gods smile on us all!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Have a great weekend and enjoy!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Hope the weekend has been a good one. Looking forward to details when you get back. :)