Monday, May 07, 2007


With the big fat slob that I was so angry about a few weeks back--the one who wanted me, with my arms loaded down, to hold the door for him, just so he didn't have to get out his access card.

Anyway, after my post, and reading the responses, I had decided the next time we ran into each other, I would confront him. I was tired of being on the lookout for him and wondering what he might say the next time we met. Time to face it head on!

Today, that opportunity arose. I rarely go to the gym during lunch time, something I wish I could do more often, but with my job schedule there just isn't time on any regular basis. And I'm no good planning after work workouts. Much better getting them done in the morning.

This guy, however, is always there. Or at least his car is always parked right next to the door. I know why he parks there rather than on the higher levels: no steps. Now I know he's older, and certainly lazy, but he really could park elsewhere and have it be more convenient--if only he was willing to walk up a step or two. So there he is, day in and day out. I don't usually run into him in the morning because he doesn't work out. He just goes to the gym and sits in the sauna, which is in the men's locker room, so I don't have to see that!

But he does go there for lunch every day and dinner every evening, and I have seen him in the dining room on a regular basis, but after that day with my friends, I have avoided going there when I would likely run into him. While I was willing to confront him if the opportunity arose, I wasn't going looking for trouble either!

Today, without thinking, I went to the gym to talk to the manager, only to run into guess who? Yes, Mr. Fatso himself, waddling out of the men's locker room, with his bermuda shorts and socks on, like you see on the Jersey shore if you've ever been there. Anyway, I started to bolt but then turned and faced the guy. He was saying something to me again anyway and I didn't hear him.

I decided to use the "sorry about getting off on the wrong foot" approach and he immediately started apologizing and saying he wasn't such a bad guy and he didn't mean to offend me, etc. (I know if I had been brusque with him, he would have continued being the jerk I know he really is.) I told him I was put out by the fact that he wanted me to hold the door when he could see my hands were full and it was right after my dad died, so I wasn't feeling too friendly, etc. By the time we parted on a handshake, he almost had a tear in his eye! LOL! As they say, you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar.


Nancy Toby said...

Uhhhh... so did his earlier behavior or his body composition bother you more?

Flo said...

You never mentioned the bermuda shorts and socks. That warrants a whole different response. Glad you got that settled though.

TriFeist said...

Excellent strategy. Glad it all worked out, bermuda shorts or not.

Phoenix said...

Very cool. Closure is always good - even when accompanied by Bermuda shorts and excess Famine Insurance.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good you worked through this. That should make things more comfortable next time you cross paths

WADDLER26.2 said...

That's one less thing to fret about.