Saturday, May 19, 2007


When I found the Block 58 triathlon website and started thinking of doing that race, I realized it was one month before Steelhead. I thought it would be a good fit for my training. But that got me thinking of the other race I wanted to do: the Olympic distance race on June 16.

I don't often change course once I've decided on something, but I am not ready for a race of this distance this early in the season. I really had hoped to be. Yes, I could easily do the distances, because I would be doing them so slow I couldn't help but get through. Being last doesn't bother me (that much), since that is the likelihood for this particular race. It is a fast crowd that competes here, and no matter how well trained I have been in the past, I still come in close to last. And last year? DFL. A big blowup. A 4 mile walk.

I know I can do better than that this year, but I wonder how it will affect me later in the season and in my training? So here's what I am thinking now.

The week before that race (June 9) there is a triathlon (sprint?): 1/2 mile swim; 22 mile bike; 4.8 mile run. That seems to be better suited to where I'm at right now.

So, what if I traded up for this race, volunteered at the Oly race, and then took two more weeks to get ready for the long course race? Does this sound like a better plan?

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Fe-lady said...

Yep! I think it sounds great! You'll do fine and then be so motivated after volunteering!