Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am seriously thinking of doing this race.
It is labeled Olympic distance, but it is really a long course: 1500 meter swim; 35 mile bike; 7.1 mile run. On July 1, two weeks after the Olympic distance I am signed up for (and which I was having doubts about doing until I saw this). I figure it will be good Steelhead training. When I looked at the race logo, with the picture of the blockhouse, I remembered the run course from other races. Not sure where the swim is, but probably not in Lake Michigan, which is where North Muskegon is located. But there are the nicest inland lakes in this area I have ever swam in, and the scenery is breathtaking--wooded and/or shoreline. I suspect hilly, though, and I know for a fact the blockhouse is at the top of a very steep hill or on the way down from a very steep hill. It was a lookout fort, after all. The blockhouse is really an old fort from Indian days, so it has a very colorful history. Hmm, looks interesting. Anyone want to join me?


Flo said...

Looks like a good race. I would love to join you. Maybe next year :)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Looks like a great race to add. Sounds like your motivation and training are going well.