Friday, February 09, 2007

These are what I will be wearing tomorrow when I do the 5k I probably foolishly signed up for. Here is the info on Yaktrax, for those of you living where you would need these (sorry, can't get a picture to upload):
Yaktrax are the newest and most user friendly ice traction device for your shoes on the market today. The unique and patented design will give you the same solid, predictable grip you are accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces. Designed for the mass market, Yaktrax are made for everyone from kids to the elderly. Runners, walkers, workers or anyone who faces the elements of winter will stay safer this winter with a pair of Yaktrax. Yaktrax are lightweight, compact and fit over nearly all types of shoes. When you walk or run with a pair of Yaktrax, the scientifically engineered coil design will give you 360 degrees of traction. Hundreds of biting edges come in contact with the ice and packed snow beneath your feet. You will move about naturally. There is nothing new to learn, just walk as you normally would and experience stability on ice and snow like you have never felt before.

I totally forgot I had these things, and I know I will feel much more confident if it is even slightly slippery. They stretch to fit over your shoes. They are really ideal for the type of snowpack we've had recently.

As for this 5k, Don wanted us to do this as a couples race, since it technically is a Valentines race. They combine your ages and times for placement--even that won't help! I told him not to get his expectations up for any kind of speed time for me. I'm not even sure if I can beat my last 5k, which was 4 weeks ago, mainly due to the weather changes. Last time, it was cold but we had dry roads. Even if we don't get any more snow overnight, it is not likely the roads will be without some slush, which really is like running through sand. I don't even expect these things to work too good on that, but should provide some stability I wouldn't have otherwise.

As for today, it was just a 15 min. swim. I forgot my watch, so I had to rely on the wall clock, and fortunately it is big enough for me to even see. Don had warned me yesterday not to do any workout today, so I would have a "better run" Saturday, but I felt compelled so as to stick with my Jan. and Feb. plan of doing something every day--even if only 10-15 min. of swimming. So I won't tell him. :) Like I said, I'm pretty sure no amount of "rest" is going to make me run faster tomorrow.

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