Wednesday, February 21, 2007


That's what I heard this morning in the gym locker room. I was the only one there! Not that the other women bother me (much), but someone always has to have on the boring morning news shows, and listening to that droning in the background (since I can't hear it clearly over the sounds of the blowdryers or showers) sometimes gets annoying. To make matters worse, if I do decide I want to listen to something, a certain woman changes it to whatever she wants to watch, even if she sees you turn the TV on to a certain station. Anyway, I'm not getting into that rant.

So it was peaceful and quiet while I got ready for work. And I noticed, too, without the distraction of the TV that I get ready quicker. Background music would be nice though!

I finally was able to go outside and run this morning, the first time in two weeks other than the subzero 5k I did last week. It was about 19 degrees, but after the last two weeks, it felt like a heat wave. It actually got up to 47 degrees yesterday! I actually saw one idiot with his convertible top down. It was warm, but not that warm!

We had a freezing fog advisory, meaning that as the fog rolled in, ice formed on whatever it touched. Once again, got to love those heated sidewalks downtown! And while it felt okay to get out and run finally, it still isn't light until about 7:30 am, so my route is restricted by darkness. Oh sure, if I want to run in the trashier part of town, I can do that--at my own risk. Not that the crazies are out that early, its just that I don't think anyone in that part of town owns a shovel, since none of the sidewalks are cleared. Running on the frozen footprints is like trail running: you have to watch every step you take and then walk/run as best you can. Because of the fog, I didn't want to risk running in the street. And I am getting antsy about wanting to run longer in the morning, so it will be very appreciated when daylight savings time starts on March 11.

So I did an out-and-back loop around downtown and back to the gym and it was fully light by the time I got back. Yes, the days are getting longer!


Flo said...

We don't get really short days here but there is a couple of months when I get up in the dark and go home in the dark - I hate that. Last night as we were eating dinner I noticed it was almost 7 and still light out. Yeah, the days are getting longer!!

Daylight saving time starts on March 11??? Doesn't it start in April??

TxSkatemom said...

heated sidewalks??? I guess you need those like we need the misters on the outsides of buildings here in the summer!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Heated sidewalks--I am so jealous.