Saturday, February 24, 2007


It started last night actually. A weekend at an up-north cottage with a group of women who generally train together. Most are multi-time iron finishers, most with sub 13 hour finishes. The others are ultra marathoners or at least multi marathoners. All have qualified for Boston at one time or another. So why am I included with this group?? Believe me, I have no idea.

The invitation came a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I got included accidentally on a group e-mail. But once I responded, I was in, whether I was really invited or not. Truthfully, I was hoping I'd be somewhere warm by now, so I hesitated in responding one way or another until the last minute. Another reason I hesitated was I just don't feel worthy of this group! Okay, okay, I know I'm as good as they are as a person, but I'm talking about athletic accomplishments. Their resumes make mine look amateurish by comparison.

So I am a little nervous going into this thing, even though I am only going overnight. Most of them headed out right after work Friday night, but I just didn't feel like I wanted to be away from the comforts of home for that long. And, today's agenda called for a long run--most of them were talking 18 miles! Hmm, let's see. I think I'll just stay by the fire!

As it is, I'm not totally escaping some sort of group workout, much as I had hoped I would. I mentioned to the woman I am riding with that I wanted to do my long run before we went up there (and by myself thank you!). Her response? "Oh that's great! I wanted to get in a two hour bike ride before we went anyway, so I'll pick you up at 7:30." Are we talking a.m.? It gets worse. "Then we can run together Sunday. I was thinking about 6 miles at a comfy pace." Holy crap! Six miles at a comfy pace? What would that be??

See what I mean?? Needless to say, I canned the long run idea for today (since I didn't want to get up at 4 am to do it) and opted for my new Sprint 8 routine last night. I have to say, it felt good, it felt challenging, and it was short! I did weights and my sprint run after, using the Sprint 8 method, and it works great for that routine. I guess time will tell how well it goes. I liked it, that's for sure.

It was suggested we would swim today. At least I think I can hold my own with most of them there!

If we don't get trapped in a blizzard that's coming, I'll be home Sunday sometime, probably dragging in like a lost cat.


Fe-lady said...

Can't wait to hear about your weekend! I bet the other ladies don't work full time and are taking care of their dad like you do. It all takes it's toll....and I bet they didn't have a bike accident a few months ago either. I am proud of you for going...don't be intimidated...but know that you probably have things going on in your life that they don't, right now.

WADDLER26.2 said...

I totally agree with fe-lady! Have a great time and be careful out the in the weather.