Friday, February 16, 2007


In terms of numbers, they are down for the week. I have been really tired this week. I think it goes back to last week Thursday when I did the one hour spin class, and I swear we did 250+ jumps. All but two songs? I think yeah.

Saturday it was the 5k in the subzero weather, rushing home to get to the bike shop, spending two hours there, then another hour driving to the lakeshore beaches, and at least a one mile hike on the frozen water, another drive home, a movie with Don, and not sleeping good that night.

Then Sunday, I did my longest swim in probably 6 weeks, tried to catch up on the household chores and shopping, and the rest of the day and into the evening spent with the grandkids, cooking dinner, playing games, and again getting to bed late.

Monday, I made the mistake of switching around my spinning class from morning to night. This was with a new instructor, and while I liked her style enough, the class itself wasn't what I was wanting to do that day--high cadence, up to 110%--for the whole class. If my legs weren't dead from the weekend stuff, they were by Tuesday morning. I really couldn't believe how dead they felt. Not sore or stiff, just dead. No life. And my shoulder was hurting, enough to be on my mind continually. So Tuesday morning I switched from my usual weights and running to a swim.

I did manage another 3/4 mile swim on Tuesday, which really felt good, and pilates that evening, and finally my shoulder that had been hurting since the week before finally calmed down. The pilates seems to help some muscle groups I can't seem to get to any other way. Swimming does not bother the shoulder. It is definitely from something else, and this time I wasn't sure what. It just started hurting driving home Wednesday night, and I hadn't done any weights since before that. I was really glad it calmed down though. As for the pilates, I am definitely seeing a huge benefit there. The abs are getting stronger, more tones, and flatter! Can't complain about that.

Then we get to Wednesday, and I was just flat out too tired to go to the gym as early as it would have required in order for me to take my dad to his chemo treatment. I did about 10 minutes of weights at home and called it good, my first real day off since late in December.

Thursday, I did manage to get in 1/2 mile swimming, finally breaking the time barrier I have been struggling with for a while now, so that made me happy, but again, I had to spend the next 2+ hours driving my dad around before actually settling in at work.

And then what's up with work being so busy? I mean, what are they thinking?? :) So not only did I have to work late last night, but I will be working most of Saturday too. :( And last night was another night babysitting the grandkids until almost 11 pm. So yeah, today I'm tired!

Today, weights at home, some pilates, and I'm calling it good for the day. Sunday I have another indoor triathlon scheduled, and after being so tired this week I figured I would really rest for a couple of days. But I don't feel dragged out any more, so that's encouraging. Just mind tired, if that makes sense.

So looking back, I think a lot of my problem started with the shoulder pain way last Wednesday and then the spinning. Now that that seems to have eased, I do feel better. Its just not been a good week otherwise. I don't want this to become a pattern so after this indoor tri I will be buckling down to some harder work again.

One question for any healthcare workers, etc. I have a scar approximately 5 inches long from my chest tube last Sept. When it hurts, which is about 99% of the time, that's when my shoulder seems to have the worst flareups. It may mean nothing, but I have noticed some connection. I have done everything recommended for scars and it still hurts. Like the Harry Potter scar. Its annoying, irritating, distracting, whatever you want to call it. Its in my armpit area, near the top of the ribs, so every sports bra, regular bra, even sweating causes irritation and soreness. I have used every topical ointment or cream on the market to clear this up and yet it continues to bug the heck out of me. Its healed but it looks red and angry all the time. Even with this, its improved about 100% from the beginning. Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations to get this thing to stop hurting before I go crazy??


Shelley said...

Hope you figure that out...bothers you eh? I wonder if it's just scar tissue that's built up on a nerve that connects to your shoulder..I don't i'm just guessing!!

Flo said...

That was a pretty good week!! Way more than mine, but that's okay, I been busy on other things.

TxSkatemom said...

I'm tired just reading it. small wonder you're wiped out!