Thursday, February 08, 2007


Yesterday was my grandson's birthday and today is my boss's. So there has been cake, cake, and more cake. Cupcakes today, to be exact. So he puts them on my desk to look at all day. All day, people walk by and say, "Evil, evil cupcakes" and escape without eating one.

I might not have succumbed had it not been for the hour plus spin workout at lunch today. I lost track after we did probably 250 jumps. I haven't done a full hour spin class in I don't know how long. I wasn't particularly worn out; I went by my heart rate most of the time and never went over the 80% range, but still, after 250 jumps (this woman instructor is a jumping fool), I'd pretty much had enough. I had forgotten to bring a sports bra today too, and she knew it, and had promised me we "wouldn't be jumping around much." I would hate to see what "much" would have been like, compared with what we did then!

All in all, a good workout. I kept the tension easy for most of it too because Saturday I'M RUNNING ANOTHER 5K! It had better warm up some before then.

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sharon said...

From looking at your pictures Vickie a few cupcakes will do you no harm. You know we have the blogger "Waddler", can we call you "Wallygirl"? hmmmmm? If you want a good laugh, try going in there about midnight on a Friday night some time. It's amazing what you'll see!