Tuesday, May 05, 2009


One reason Saturday's Fifth Third River Bank Run 25k will have a major course change for the first time since I started running the race. Also, if anyone has ever run the Grand Rapids Marathon, you would also have to run through here.

I cannot believe just how much flooding we have had this year! It started back at the end of December/early January, subsided, and has been off and on again since the snow has melted.

This year I am not doing the 25k. It will be the first time in longer than I can remember that I won't be doing this race. This was my goal when I first started running back in 1988, to run this race by the next year, which I did. But this year, I've decided to skip the race. First, its a hard distance to train for unless you totally keep up on your run mileage all winter. And since I pretty much have turned to inside running once the snow falls, I usually use that time as running downtime and drop back some on the running, not wanting to do all those long runs on the treadmill. Realistically then, for me it means I only have about 4-6 weeks to effectively train for 25k (15.5) miles. I have done it but it never turns out a good thing.

So I decided to free myself of the guilt of missing the run because I have bigger races to think about. I want to stick to my training. And, I only have so many free weekends to get my planting and yard work done. (I thought I said I was freeing myself of guilt??)

So, no, I'm not running the race this year.


Calyx Meredith said...

Enjoy the yard work! I totally understand making choices like that.

Marlene said...

You have been training so diligently for your tri(s) - definitely a guilt free decision!

(I can't believe that flooding! WOW!)

Lily on the Road said...

You have grander events ahead, enjoy digging in the garden while you can!

; )

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

That flooding is crazy.

Sounds like you're taking the same advice that you gave to me. I hope you do feel "freed"

ShirleyPerly said...

Unless a race really fits in with my training schedule, I am skipping them too. They take too much away and there is too much to do! So I applaud you on your decision.

On the photo, I wonder if that's what parts of Fargo look like that we won't be going to. The course has been rerouted too.

bill carter said...

Hi Vickie

That flooding is amazing! We haven't had anything like that here on the east side of the state. I have never done the River Bank myself, but it is on my list.

Looks like you had a solid, productive April and that should serve you well the rest of the year.

Best of luck!

IronBob said...

Which race are you doing in November?

Sunshine said...

Gulp!! That's a lot of water... and yes, we remember the Grand Rapids Marathon!

It is hard to pass up races sometimes.. the spirit is fun to be a part of.
But good for you to stay in focus on your goals.

Here it is finally spring.. and I injured my knee .. so I can't run right now. What a bummer!