Friday, May 01, 2009


Cycling: 160 Miles (outside miles)
Time: 16:58:11 Of course, this does not reflect that at least half of this time was spent on the trainer without logging miles before I got the new bike computer setup that would log miles on the trainer. Next month should be more accurate.

Running: 60.6 Miles
Time: 11:57:14. This is a gradual increase over the past 3 months and hit my target goal of 60 miles for the month or at least 15 miles per week.

Strength Training: 4 times

Swimming: 14.34 Miles or 25,238.40 yards or 23,078 meters
Time: 10:37:30. This is probably the hardest of the 3 disciplines to achieve. Not that I can't swim well enough or like doing it, its just tedious, going lap after lap after lap. I am trying not to lose my mind over this. I am looking forward, soon I hope, to getting in open water (once the flooding is over and the water warms up enough to not get hypothermia or cause me to hyperventilate). Here's just one picture of the flooded bike/running path around the river:

See what I mean about ducks in puddles everywhere!

Add to that core work almost daily and my fitness level is coming along. Consistent, steady progress will help me when I do this race, which is July 11. I had first intended to do this race, because of the closer proximity to home, but it really is too early of a season race for me when living in the snow belt and not having the cycling base I needed anyway. And then this family trip came up, and we'll be leaving that same weekend. I really didn't want a repeat from last year's half IM race and leaving immediately the next day for a family vacation that pretty much left me no recovery time. Sitting in the car for 16 hours a day after a race like that was very hard on me.

Rearranging my schedule to accommodate the family vacation means basically that I now again have almost 12 weeks to train for Muncie. I'm on week 8 of my 12 week program, which I finish up toward the end of this month. With a little more rearranging, but increasing intensity, I might be able to manage this race on May 31, then have a week to recover, one last weekend to get in some quality training, and then leave for Yellowstone.

I am hoping by pacing myself but keeping up consistent training that I won't get burned out before I do this race later this year.


AKA Alice said...

Yeah, I have a hard time tracking the miles I put in on things like the dreadmill...I should get a footpod I guess...

Awesome month!

Marlene said...

Great month!

I hope you can get your vacation/racing/training/recovery schedules jiving.

I Run for Fun said...

Great month!

Looks like you have a nice race schedule planned. Good luck with your training.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Wow - great numbers!

and double wow to ducks in puddles

Anne said...

Eeks. That's some road flooding you got there. Well, make the most of it, just like the ducks do.

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice numbers for April!! And that picture of the flooded path -- oh my! Wish you were nearby me as I could use an open water swim partner. Seems like ducks are my only companions in the water these days.

Black Knight said...

A very good april, now you are ready for greater adventures. I like the ducks, the animals are good companions during our workouts through the country.