Thursday, March 22, 2007


That would be three days in a row of running! Yee ha! I can finally get some miles in. Two mornings out in the still cold and dark, and today inside on the treadmill. Thunderstorms with lots of lightning dictated that. Getting struck by lightning is not something I want to deal with next.

Its been like night and day on the running. Last Saturday, after a dismal 5k run, I turned around Sunday and went at it again, even though it was on the treadmill. Two days in a row was really putting myself out there, what with the foot problem. But then miraculously, it cleared up. Its not 100%, but I'll take the 97% and keep working on getting it to 100%.

New shoes today, so that was a nice treat. Brooks Adrenalines. That's pretty much my shoe. Its probably been at least 5 years since I've changed styles, but until another shoe comes along that is compatible with my weird feet, I'll stick with those. Funny thing is, I started out in Brooks 19 years ago, and have only tried a few different brands during that whole time, none of which were successful except a now defunct Nike model. Loved those, but they only made them 2 years, and they didn't hold up well and were very expensive, but still probably my favorite shoe of all times. Got all my running PRs with those shoes. No other Nike has been able to do it for me, however.

As for the chocolate, since Christmas, I have been slowly sneaking that back into my diet, something I had banned from my lips for many months. Its not that I've been eating that much of it, not enough to upset my balance, until recently. For some reason, I started thinking I could eat it with abandon again. Only to have the same results occur--stomach distress. Every day. Every time I run. And then some. Yesterday, it was a close call getting back to the bathroom in time. Today, I was really glad I was inside and on the treadmill. Three times I had to get off and fly to the bathroom. So it was a kind of choppy workout, but I still kept at it until I did what I planned to do. The only way to be confident on my planned weekend long run is to STOP IT NOW! :(

So no Dove chocolate at Easter. No dark chocolate, 85% cacao, which I love. No chocolate at all. The only way I can break a habit is to stop it completely.


bunnygirl said...

I love Brooks shoes! I run in Addictions, though. I've tried Adrenalines and like them, but my hip trouble began about six months after switching to Adrenalines and rightly or wrongly, I blamed the shoe.

Lesson learned: if it works, don't change it!

Fe-lady said...

I will eat all the m&ms in the house before you get here! :-)

Flo said...

Well, if you know it doesn't work for you it's time to stop.

Great on the running. I'm sidelined for the next couple days trying to shake my PF.

I love running in new shoes, nothing better :)