Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Last week at this time, I was truly suffering from my PF, to the point where it felt like someone had taken one of those electric staplers and attacked my heel. Or a nail gun. I did a week's worth of therapy and the difference today was remarkable.

A week ago, I was VERY tired out, due, I'm sure to the post-funeral fatigue/sadness that had finally had a chance to wash over me. Not that I'm not sad any more, but a wave of energy has now washed over me, noticeably so.

I'm not sure really what is happening, but I am glad to not be going into vacation next week feeling so down. I read all the posts about everyone out running, and it is motivating to me, and getting over the crippling pain of PF, I can't wait to get out there myself. I did run 30 minutes this morning, on the shoes that now remind me of running with 2 x 4s strapped to my feet, but tonight I will get the new shoes and hopefully will be running on air again soon.

Its always a good feeling to have that workout done before it is even light out. I always like the way my legs feel throughout the day too, making me realize I have the ability to do more than just sit and get old and fat. I am looking forward to running more next week--in warm weather! Guess I better look for my shorts.


Flo said...

Wow, you certainly are much more up than last week. That's good to see. A vacation will really do you good.

Fe-lady said...

You will be here this time next week! Wow! ( had better vacuum the guest quarters and put out fresh towels!)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Glad you are feeling better- keep it going!