Friday, March 23, 2007


March 23, 2007

I have pretty much had it with my insurance company, as you will see from my frustration spelled out in this letter. After having a conversation with someone last night about his bike accident, which was fairly minor compared to mine, I found out that not only did he get everything replaced and all his medical paid, but he also got a $2000 settlement to not sue. In Michigan, we basically can't sue under the Michigan No Fault Law (a law, I know, does not favor the victim but was obviously designed to not only limit tort liability but also to favor the insurance industry). I am so frustrated by this whole thing, especially after I heard his story, not the first one I heard, that I decided to send this letter before I calmed down. Not only that, once again when I got home last night, the unpaid ambulance bill awaited me. So here it is, only a partially edited version to avoid getting sued myself!

Ms. _____________
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
2450 44th Street, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Re: Vickie Baker
Date of Accident: 9/3/06

Dear __________:

Since we last spoke, I have again received another bill from ________ Ambulance, which I am again enclosing for payment. According to my records, my $300 deductible has been met, however, this bill remains to be paid and was not to be considered part of the deductible. In fact, upon further review, I was charged $500 for a deductible, which I believe to be incorrect. I believe I am still owed $200 for this incorrect charge, as well as your payment of the _______ Ambulance bill.

It goes without saying that I am extremely unhappy with the handling of my claim. This accident was not my fault, yet I get no relief under Michigan law for any of my inconvenience, pain, or suffering, and added to that, the reluctance by your company to pay legitimate claims. I realize that the driver of the vehicle that stuck me was uninsured, leaving me to have to pick up the tab for a lot of things I should not have to pay, so it is extremely disappointing that when I am entitled to any relief by my insurance company that I have to constantly remind you of your duty to me as your customer. I feel like everything I say is suspect, as if I am faking this claim. I have taken it upon myself to rehab from my injuries the best I can, and without using any resources that would be considered a claim, but I feel as if I have to explain everything—the fact that yes, I am working (if I had to wait for reimbursement on any lost wages for 4 months, who would support me?); that yes, I continue to be treated by Dr. ______, with no consideration as to the fact that I have been able to cut back on visits by my own work at rehabilitating myself; that yes I still have pain and discomfort and likely will have forever; that yes, it has affected my daily life; and yes, my hobbies and interests have been affected. All of this has been explained every time I talk with someone from your office, and I feel as if they are trying to catch me off guard about how I am really doing, particularly based on the tone of the questioning.

I have had two conversations recently with people who were quite shocked to hear of the way my claim has been handled, based on their own similar experiences, having been involved in bike accidents themselves. I realize the difference here is that they were fortunate enough to be struck by insured individuals, which is not the case for me. But that should not eliminate your duty to me as a customer.

The fact remains that nothing out of the ordinary has been done for me, and I would think you or your company would do everything possible to make sure I did get some relief from the uninsured driver, in some way, but maybe that goes above and beyond your scope of duty. I am still out more than $3000 for out of pocket expenses, including deductible, bike reimbursement, equipment replacement, and other expenses related to my claim. I haven’t even been able to get the gas mileage for my doctor appointments, as was promised by you in an earlier conversation, and it has been six months. The only recourse I have is to spend more money and time to sue this woman, since you are conveniently let off the hook because of her lack of insurance.

I am tired of asking for reimbursement of things I am entitled to and your lack of follow-up on my claim. I am once again asking that the _______ Ambulance bill be paid, that you refund the $200 wrongly deducted from my wage reimbursement ($500 was deducted), and that you reimburse me for my mileage owed for past and continued doctor visits. If I don’t get these matters resolved soon, I will be forced to go to someone higher in your company.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Vickie Baker

c: _________ Ambulance


Fe-lady said...

Very well composed...hope something comes of it and FAST!
Any special requests for next week? (food/comfort wise?)
Let me know!

bunnygirl said...

Good luck with this. Any chance you've got a lawyer friend who'll send this on law office letterhead? That's what I would probably do, unless said lawyer friend said it was a Bad Idea.

Flo said...

Very good letter. Isn't there some kind of insurance commission that you could complain to?? Here is Hawaii there is an insurance oversight committee and they handle things like this. Maybe Michigan has one???

TriFeist said...

Liberty Mutual? My husband had nothing but trouble with them.

While it may mean more out of pocket expense to you, could you find a personal injury attorney to represent you against your insurance comapany? It's seems odd but uninsured motorist protection should cover your injuries/expenses (mys tate is no-fault state). A letter from an attorney reminding them of their responsabilities might get their attention.

The other thing to do is write to your congressman & state representatives about your problems and cc your company on that letter. Insurance companies are regulated on several levels. Complaints like this make them look very bad.

nancytoby said...

Ugh. Insurance = swine.

There should be a state insurance commission you could copy this to... they HATE that.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Sorry about your troubles with the insurance company. Irritating!!

Hope it turns out okay after the letter.