Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Race for the Cure, Saturday, September 30, 2006.

Here we are, before the race. We had some serious rain overnight, and the skies were still threatening. Many of those here did the run, but there were a number of us who did the walk (me--first time for that!).

Here's a shot during the race. As you can see, it started raining before the race started and continued for quite a while afterwards. An umbrella was a good accessory to have this day.

Another lovely, gray day here in Grand Rapids!

And the winners' circle!

We had an awesom team. First in AG in W 40-44; 55-59; M30-34; 40-44; 45-49 (and 3rd overall!), as well as second in AG in other age groups, and Lecia, our star for the day, 2nd overall in AG in survivors.

This is one of the biggest races in our area and gets bigger every year. And it is such an emotional race, with the bagpipers playing Amazing Grace, the Zion Pentacostal Church choir singing their gospel songs, and the stories of all the brave and courageous women--those who are survivors and those who remain in memory.

Hard as it was to do this walk, I felt it was something I needed to do. My legs work, so it was just a matter of gutting it out for the entire 5k. It wasn't anything that was going to set my recovery back, and it was good to get out and be a part of a race event again. I couldn't help but think of my last race, a triathlon way back in August, where it rained almost the entire time too. I hope I'm not a bad luck omen!

After the race, they moved the awards inside thankfully, since everyone was wet and cold, but waiting around for all the walkers to get done was quite lengthy. Our team was the winner for the best team spirit award, so Lecia got some more goodies and prizes.

As for me, I hope I can get back to running soon! This walking stuff is too slow.


Fe-lady said...

If it makes you feel better, I was so wiped out from yesterday at work that I walked my whole three miles this a.m. Yeah, walking sucks! :-)
Your team appreciated you out there I am sure!

TriFeist said...

Yeah! Your first "post accident" event. Even if it's a 5K walk, congratulations! Great way to get back on the road and support a great cause.

Shelley said...

Well you did it and that's great!! Hope I get a chance to see you this weekend. I'll be coming over Fri night!!