Friday, September 29, 2006

PHYSICAL THERAPY UPDATE. Today was my second visit to the PT. The first was fairly easy and actually left me feeling quite good. It also gave me a clearer idea of the condition of the injuries and my prognosis for continued recovery.

Today was hell day. After actually having 2 days of feeling fairly good and two nights of sleeping fairly comfortably, reality set in. Yikes! If I thought I was sore before, I must have been dreaming! I won't elaborate--mainly because I am sore and wrung out--except to say thank God for ice and heat and a short day at work.

But I am hopeful that this will just be another step in the healing process and that things will get better little by little.

One thing I am encouraged about with this PT is the use of free weights and weight machines, both of which I can do on my own once I get back to the gym. I haven't been there for a month, obviuosly, and even if not for the limitations because of injuries, I have been waiting for the bruising and road rash to clear so it isn't so awful for others to look at. Its just a constant reminder then and I don't want to have people cringing whenever they see me!

Okay, I'm off now to ice and heat and hopefully get my energy back for tomorrow's Race for the Cure. Its going to be a "long" walk for me tomorrow, so I hope I can pull this off. And I'm really interested to see just how fast I can really walk this thing. One race I had to miss out on earlier this month, had I been able to walk, I probably would have placed in my age group. Go figure on that! I can't beat a turtle when I run, but had I walked I most likely would have placed (first in AG was 57 min. for a 5k walk!). Results tomorrow!

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