Monday, October 23, 2006


I decided it was time. While I have gone a few times on the weekend and after work, I haven't made the effort to get there in the morning. This was almost a daily routine before the accident, so I know what is involved to get organized the night before to get there. And what with trying to recover, work, go to physical therapy, take care of my dad, and generally everything else in my life, I really did not feel up to expending any more energy (that I didn't have anyway) to going to the gym in the morning. So today was the day.

I have been waking up earlier and earlier anyway so figured I might as well try it. Since getting back to work, I have not set my alarm once--I just wake up when I wake up. But that is generally anytime between 5:30 and 6:30, so easily I can make it to the gym.

I got there by 6:30 today, all set to get in the pool, but decided to do a short warmup first (since this pool is pretty icy) on the elliptical. Two miles, just under 25 min., and then I headed to the pool. I never made it. The pool guy came in while I was doing my warmup, tested the chemicals, and decided they were off and closed the pool. Great! I was all set to swim. Hopefully tomorrow?? At least I did get something done. I realized I could use an elliptical, and if nothing hurt doing that I should be good to go once I start running--in two weeks!

I am liking this new gym and appreciate it now more than ever--no more hassling trying to get in the parking lot; no more walking in the rain, snow, wind, or bad weather generally, and then turning around and doing it again when I leave. No more waiting in line just to get in or get a towel. And no more zoo in the locker room. Of course the downfall here is the short pool and less equipment to use, but I figure the few times a year I use all the equpment at the Y is not going to be missed. I honestly think if I had to go through all of the above to get to the pool or gym in the morning, I would be less likely to go, and since I am now in the mood to get going on things again, it is worth the change.

On another note, my friend Jan QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON: 4:01:45! I knew she could do it, and she did it despite some less than ideal conditions. I really am excited for her and am glad she finally accomplished this goal. I talked with her shortly after she finished the race and she sounded good and said she felt good. She called again later indicating that she really did feel good--not only physically but having accomplished her goal. No doubt! My bet is on her doing an Ironman next, and I'm sure she will do well there also.

On another sports note: great coverage of IMH. I didn't see everything but did watch and listen to quite a bit while I was working and later checked again for updates and results. One of the triathletes from our area also competed, Jim Dyke, 61, and he did a 13:20. The guy is amazing. This is his 5th time qualifying and he just did IM Canada this year too! Congratulations to anyone having participated! One of these years I'd like to go as a volunteer, since there isn't a chance in hell I would ever qualify (I haven't even done an IM, so that makes it more likely!).

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Flo said...

Too bad you couldn't get a swim in but getting to the gym is huge all by itself. I find the actual getting there the largest part of the battle.