Thursday, October 12, 2006


Not! No, it is NOT winter yet. You wouldn't know that looking out the window this morning, but today we had our annual early snowfall day--just a lot earlier than usual. And this is after a 70s+ weekend!

The "S" word was in the forecast, but I'm sure no one really believed it until they saw it.
Here's what I saw heading to work this morning. Note, it is 8:15 am and see how dark it is! See what I mean about the "dark and cold" season??

While we really had quite a bit of snow for this early in the season, it is not predicted to last--fortunately!

Which reminds me that by the time I am able to run again, it will be November, which is always a hard time to want to get started at anything. So I am going to have to use those first couple of months to just rebuild a base, small that it might be. (But who knows??)

I am considering the book Training Plan for Multisport Athletes and wonder if anyone has read this or would recommend it. It has chapters covering any triathlon distance as well as nutrition plans, periodization, and heart rate training (or the Borg method for perceived exertion). Any good?


Shelley said...

whoa, we saw some flakes today, but that was depressing!!

Sascha said...

Triathlete's Training Bible. Joe Friel all the way baby!

Ellie said...

Just think, how great we feel when we train for months in oppressive heat and then on our marathon day it's cool and clear and we fly! Maybe, after these couple months off, when you go out and start running in November, you'll get that boost, and the cool air will help stall off the inflammation that might try to set in with re-use, and... you'll do great.

Flo said...

I do not miss snow!!! I love to ski, but prefer to fly in and out of the snow. It doesn't have to come to me :)