Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Day at the Orchard, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2006

And then it was Sunday. Such a beautiful contrast to the wet, gray Saturday.

My daughter and I took the kids to a nearby orchard, where they have baby animals, fun in the hay, pumpkin picking, and of course apple picking.

This was the first real outing we have had since back in August at the beach. We try to pick one good weekend in the fall to get to the orchard, and Sunday was perfect--sunny, warm, blue skies.

And the best apples of all are Honey Crisp, a fairly new variety. If you can get any--and supplies go fast--these are by far one of the best apples I have ever eaten, a cross between a Gala and something more tart. Firm and juicy, but the skins are not tough. That and all the other goodies and you can spend a bundle at these places. Fresh apple cider and donuts made on the spot. I am not and have not been for many years a donut person, but the pumpkin spice and apple spice donuts are almost irresistable and as decadent as the chocolate covered cashew clusters they sell as well. Everything hand made. Mmm.

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Fe-lady said...

You made me SO homesick for OHIO!
My childhood friend's grandparents had an orchard/cider mill (that the family still owns) and I spent a lot of time there up in trees during middle and high school. I can still smell it...yum!
What a fun day for you and the grand kids...they will certainly look back on these days fondly!