Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two good rides in a row. And four good weather days in a row. I don't know what it is this spring, but it is definitely spring for a change. Sunday's ride was 25 miles, flat and easy. At least easy for me. My trie friend from work and I met late afternoon and rode the Musketawa Trail, the old railroad bed now bike/recreation trail. It runs 25 miles one way, and I am hoping over Memorial weekend to do that ride. For now, half the distance works.

The weather was cool but 100% sunny with that bright blue sky I mentioned earlier. Even with sunscreen, we both ended up with pink noses and cheeks, like little kids out in the cold. That healthy glow I would guess. My legs felt good, even after the long run the day before. I was worried I would be dragging behind Jan, but we kept a pretty even pace. I know she is probably 50% stronger than I am, but sometimes holds back without realizing, at least until a race and then she goes all out. All I can keep thinking is my legs felt good. We kept a nice cadence and never really went all out. I felt good when done too.

Monday though I was REALLY tired late in the afternoon. I had done another mile swim in the morning and then it was work my butt off all day at work. I just started dragging late in the day and couldn't wait to get to bed that night.

My intention had been to get up and do a bike ride in the morning, but even though I was up and it seemed like a fairly warm and mild morning, I had so much to do around the house I ended up going to work and getting there on time for once with the idea then I would take a long lunch and go for a run. I want to run the 5k course of the race this coming Saturday and would rather do it in the early morning before all the traffic.

But after looking at the radar and seeing the ominous green indicating rain coming over Minnesota and Wisconsin, across Lake Michigan and into West Michigan, waiting 6 or more hours to go for a ride didn't seem like it would happen.

So off I went, pretty much sneaking out of work for a ride in the sun. And it WAS warm, probably mid 70s, and a stiff wind, but nothing cool. I didn't have much choice but to ride the river trail, so once I got my bike set up, I pretty much gave myself a time trial ride: had to be back in 45 min. or no shower.

I started off easy, but soon realized I needed to put some serious pedal down to get this ride done in time. I haven't pushed the pace yet this year, but once I got going, I was determined to at least hold a 16mph pace. Its not that easy on the winding river trail, but with no one else out there to get in the way, I took a chance on the curves no one would be coming at me. I was lucky and only saw maybe 5 people the whole way, other than the doofeses who found it necessary to park their trash trucks across both lanes of the bike trail/road in order to pick up trash bags after a river cleanup (yeah!) over the weekend. I'm not even going to venture on that act of stupidity.

It was SOOO nice to have the river path repaved and cleaned after the winter flooding and years of crumbling roadway. That smooth road made it that much more possible to get a fast pace and keep it. I was pushing with all I had to get the ride done. But once I hit the lower trails, then the path wasn't as cleaned and there were still silt piles (like small sand dunes) here and there, so it was a mine field getting through there. I had to turn back finally and it was 25:10. Eeek, I am not going to get 45 min. now.

Surprisingly the going back was faster (no wind?). I actually pulled into the parking lot in 47:35, so it only took me 22:25 to get back! Still, no time for a shower. Just a quick turn on the air conditioner, ride back to the office and another quick change, redeodorizing, etc. and at the desk within an hour and a half.

I need more fast rides like this, but it sure messes up the rest of the day! I didn't get out of work until after 6 pm, had shopping to do, dinner, cleanup, next day stuff, and a cake to bake for tomorrow, so here I am at 10 pm on the computer! Still, it was worth it!

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