Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chocolate Cream Pie OR Jello Cake.

Which would you choose?

These were the birthday treats I brought today for someone's birthday. I went over and over in my mind last night what I would say when I didn't eat any of either. To not eat the cake, well, its just not something you do around this office. But I knew I had to remain steadfast. I am on a roll with my eating plan, and the smell alone was tempting, so it was doubly hard not to indulge, not even a taste. I thought of a lot of excuses I could give (other than: I'm dieting), and finally came up with: I'm in triathlon training. That's true, but then to explain what that meant? Not too many people I work with (1) care or (2) have a clue, which is typical for the regular world. But they are enthusiastic and supportive as long as its you doing the stuff and not them. And I don't really care whether they care or not, but to not eat cake or any goodie it seems you need to have a reason.

No explanation was needed as I busied myself with cutting and passing out the cake/pie so no one mentioned, even if they noticed, that I passed on the treats.

I don't like the word dieting. I'm not sure what the real meaning of dieting is in the dictionary, but to most it means depriving. I am not in that frame of mind. All I have done and will continue to do is use more discipline when making food choices: no chips, nuts, sweets, or alcohol. Once you stop eating the stuff, and you get adequate calories otherwise, I think the cravings go away. But you still have to refrain from "just a small piece," or "a bite," or "a taste." One taste, bite, small piece and you are back on the downslide again.

Don't get me wrong. I am not criticizing ANYONE for anything they choose to eat. This is just my philosophy for getting back in shape. I have daily temptations, but I'll tell you the thing that stays in my mind before I give in? The wetsuit.

Oh yeah, wetsuits are not forgiving pieces of apparel. They show everything you hope they would hide and then some. Its like looking 10 pounds heavier on camera. And if they are tight, they are danged uncomfortable.

So after last season struggling with those "last 10 pounds," and tugging at and squirming in the wetsuit, the decision to banish those "last 10 pounds," was an easy one. It had to be done. That was my fear factor.


Shelley said...

Good for you for sticking to your plan Vickie...I would have caved..:-)

Fe-lady said...

That's hard to walk away from those when they are right in fron of you! But I usually abstain from all "junk" in the teacher's lounge-most of the time I don't even go in so I won't be tempted. I DID stay away from donuts on Tues. And the women who did eat one (0r two) were feeling awful by mid-morning and were mad at themselves for caving! You go lady!