Friday, May 05, 2006

See that hand? That's what my arm is supposed to be doing when swimming. I took the time to rewatch my Total Immersion video today and what a difference it made. I have been struggling with my swim form lately and needed to refresh. I felt so completely relaxed and effortless that the time just flew by. I lapped the only other person in the pool at the time over and over and over. He was not that slow but really struggling with form. On one lap, he really tried to beat me, I could tell, because all of a sudden I could see him getting closer to the end where I was, but--it didn't happen. Form is everything, there's no doubt. And since I can't afford to go to a workshop (even though there is one in 2 weeks 60 miles from here!), I will have to watch and rewatch the video from time to time.

Effortless. That's how I want to feel in running again. Which is why I am willing to take on the ChiRunning method. The same theories hold true: less effort accomplishing the same thing. While I am seeing some improvement and my running effort is less, it still is not effortless. A ways to go, I guess. Another long run tomorrow, and that definitely helps with form. When you spend an hour or more practicing form, the next time you go run, the form happens without thinking, so it does have to become a subconscious effort to succeed. My main reason of course is to avoid injuries and accomplish goals I have been sidetracked from accomplishing.

I really want to do another tri season having fun with the sprint tris. That keeps you training all season and using your training for something, but it doesn't bog you down with week after week of long runs and long bikes, and long swims throughout the week. I need a season to just do that before I refocus on next year. There are at least 3 fun tris I haven't done in a few years, and I am hoping my schedule works to do these again. My big decision then is do I do the Olympic tri the first weekend in June or the sprint??


Fe-lady said...

Yeah...keep it fun! Sprint tris keep you fit (and they HURT if you make them hurt!) I am also in a dilemma as to what direction to take after my next race....
I might write a post and take a poll, but it probably won't affect my final decision to enter and race.

Ellie said...

I've never seen the TI video but I guess it will be next on my list of Things to Buy. Actually my swim feels fairly effortless but it's s-l-o-w. Chi Running... gotta get that book back from my daughter-in-law. My 15 miles today weren't effortless :-/