Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friday was my first day at my new fitness club. The pool, similar to this one, is much smaller than the Y pool. Clean, but not nearly as nice. And it is so dark in there I can barely see my watch.

I was only going to swim, since I still wasn't sure where the sore throat thing was going, and I wanted an easy day before my long bike weekend began. I looked at the swim distances and totally misread the board. I was thinking to myself, "How am I going to swim 120 laps to get in a mile?? How will I ever keep track??" I had done 30 laps before I decided to re-read the board. I couldn't see my watch to see how I was doing time-wise, and had no way to compare. Thank God I took the time to get out and read the board: 120 lengths for a mile. Whew! So I've done 30 laps, that means only 30 more.

This pool is definitely shorter than anything else I have trained in: 6-7 strokes across as compare to 12-13 in a regular pool. I would say it is actually the size of my brother's outdoor pool, which is a regulation club size, but not Olympic. But what I really noticed was all the wave action I was getting: no lane markers. So I was constantly getting water in my mouth. Good practice for lake swimming or triathlons. In fact, I had to stop twice to cough on the mouthsful of water I kept taking in. I can't imagine what it would be like with even one other person in there!

I was ALL by myself too. It was after 5 pm on a holiday weekend, in a downtown building. The business area was dead. I doubt there was one other person in the whole facility. It was a little creepy that way, especially since anyone could walk into the locker room without my knowing it. I know only people with access are supposed to be in there, but from watching too many TV detective or forensic type shows, I couldn't help but feel a little leery.

But what was nice? Not maneuvering for one of the 375 parking spots, not having to walk 2 blocks or more to get into the building, not waiting for a pool lane or sharing with others who really don't swim, and then not having to repeat the process in leaving. It will take some getting used to, but I am already planning next week's training schedule based on the convenience alone. I figure with having a pool in my work building basement, I should be able to either swim longer or at least cut off a half hour in my workout schedule time. I can also park there in the morning, drop my stuff off, and head out for a run through the park, which is just as close to work as it is to the Y, but then I don't have to do the parking battle at the Y or the traffic drive to the office with everyone else.

I can definitely get used to this!


Ellie said...

I am SO glad not to be the only one who swims in a short pool!

I swim in a hotel pool. I don't think there's ever been another lap swimmer there at the same time.

Dark... can't read my watch. I watch the small classroom clock over the lifequard station, keep hitting my lap counter, and do the math later when I can see.

Shelley said...

I know how you pool is 60' long and hot as hell!!!