Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm thinking of switching gyms. I have belonged to the YMCA for 6 years, and while we have one of the nicest metropolitan Ys in the country, I am getting beyond frustrated with the lack of adequate parking, the abuse of the locker rooms because of the huge membership numbers, and the inability to really use the facility when I want to. Morning workouts are generally the easiest, but really, there are days when those 6 am workouts just get to me and I would love to go at lunch time for a nice swim or run for a change.

The building I work in has an athletic club in the basement. In the past (and even now) they cater to mainly the attorneys in our office and other business men and women in the metro area. The membership, however, is small, almost what you would consider exclusive. I have avoided getting involved with this for some of those reasons, but have finally reached the point where I am seriously considering it. For an extra $24 a month, I can have the convenience of:
  • parking in the same lot where I work;
  • being able to run downstairs for a workout at lunch without the hassle of driving to the Y, circling the lot over and over and over waiting for someone to leave, then rushing through a workout because I only have 25 min. left before needing to get back to the office;
  • or waiting for a treadmill or weights or a pool lane or whatever;
  • working out with some people I know from work;
  • having the luxury of working out at my convenience;
  • being able to bring my grandsons to swim at least occasionally.

What I will give up would be the fantastic pool at the Y. The club pool is small, something like 66 laps to a mile. Also all the state of the art equipment. And best of all the hassles with the locker room (kids, no towels, waiting for a shower, people with cell phones, etc.). So what am I waiting for??


Shelley said...

Sounds like you've made up your mind, sounds like it's also more convenient for you!!! My pool is 20m long, so I have to swim 80 laps for a mile..phewwwwwwwww

Fe-lady said...

I swim in a meter pool (jr olympic) and it's 64 lengths for a mile..(1600 meters).a yard pool is usually 72 lengths...so it sounds like the pool isn't THAT small..
I go for convenience and will pay for it!