Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I've gotten back in the habit of taking my lunch every day again. Something I should never have quit doing. But it was too easy at times visiting Mickey D or the King or the deli next door. Easy and costly in many ways.

I love to cook. I love to putz around in the kitchen making things. It isn't unusual for me to prepare a 4 or 5 course meal every night--because I like to and because I would rather eat my food than boxed or frozen. Its not that I don't ever use convenience foods, but sparingly and only as a compliment to something else. But I have gone back to some simpler meals--fish, chicken or a lean beef; and vegetables--2 or 3 at a time--or mushrooms with veggies.

Tonight after my drenching bike ride I still had to come up with something. It never has to be quick. Just tasty and filling and nourisihing. Baked salmon, broccoli, fresh green beans, and sauteed mushrooms. And while it was cooking, a good chance to fix my lunch--spinach salad with mushrooms and spicy chicken. Mmmm.

This all takes time of course, and I see why people don't want to take the time. But it is so much better than throwing something together and/or doing what I did for a while--go out to lunch at all the wrong places.

As athletes we think that because we work out and expend so much energy that we can eat anything and everything we want. Usually we don't, of course, but at times I am amazed at what some of the athletes I know eat. And unfortunately I found myself falling into that grip. But I don't do 100 mile bike rides or run 15 or 20 miles on a weekend, or do a 2 mile swim workout 2 or 3 times a week. I sit at a desk 45-50 hours a week, so the 30-60 minutes I work out daily, and maybe more on weekends, was not cutting the calorie explosion I had fallen victim to. Add my age to that, and something had to change.

So now, 15 pounds lighter, I am back to being me--both in workouts and in the kitchen!

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Fe-lady said...

I ALWAYS pack my lunch...and it's pretty much the same boring things, but they are healthy and I eat them, and it fills me up and then I am not tempted to "snack" on bad foods if someone brings something into the teacher's lounge...and if I "eat to perform" I am ready for my afternoon bike/swim after work!
Taking the time the night before pays off! Keep at it!