Thursday, February 19, 2009

That's what I finally got to eat today: yesterday's lunch.
Its been so crazy busy at work the last 5 days I don't even think of eating. I bring my lunch, but most of the days I either eat between doing other things or so late in the day it might as well be supper. Yesterday I never even thought about eating until I got home and realized I didn't have to make a lunch for today.
Today, like the last 3 days, started out at 4:15 am, which had me answering my own question from a year or so ago: if you had to get up at 4 (4:15, 4:30, or whatever) am to work out, would you? For me, the answer is always yes. I would much rather give up an hour of sleep than miss a workout. As it was, I missed my lunchtime strength workout yesterday because I barely had time to think let alone leave the office for an hour or more. I was grouchy because of that--not that I hadn't really worked out for the day but that I had to miss something planned through no fault of my own. I would rather then get up earlier just to get in the workouts I want to do, rather than miss one. At least I got a spinning workout in yesterday.
This morning, I was on the treadmill before 6 am and at my desk by 7:30. Not that early for some of you, but considering we have a fairly flex schedule (anytime in before 9:30 and any time out after 4:30, just get in 8 hours), it was early. Only a few people are in the office that early.
But getting up earlier and in the office earlier than usual this week made me start relating my work to my training: you have to be organized to get it all done, or at least get done what you want and need to do. For me, the two have to mesh. I have to be organized enough in my personal life to be able to get to the gym early enough to work out before work; to have food to bring to work today so I don't have to buy a breakfast or lunch every day or graze around the office like so many others do; to have the clothes/shoes/jewelry organized the night before so I'm not fishing around in the semi dark with my glasses to be sure everything matches; to be sure I have clean workout clothes every day, and some days two outfits depending on whether I'm doing weights or pilates in the afternoon or evening; to be organized enough in my thoughts once I am at work to follow through on a project to not make mistakes; to be able to work through distractions; to have the stamina to get me through a 10+ hour day and be able to come back and do it all over again the next day, and the next, and the next. Just like in training.
So everything ties in together. There can be no loose threads if you want to be able to get up every day and accomplish all the things you plan to do that day, either in training or working. You have to have enough foresight to be able to see the big picture, and follow your training program or work procedures to achieve success in what you are trying to accomplish and not get sidetracked. And the biggest thing you need to have is the discipline to do all this. Running/triathlon have given me what I already didn't have.
Hope everyone is having a good week. I'll catch up with you when I can!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I totally agree that it takes organization and discipline.

I happen to be the type who does better packing in the morning, but always have to think about what I need for work, for workout, for afterwork, etc

it's a pain, but discipline and determination are what makes it happen

Christie said...

I'm sure I'd be much better off if I made time to workout in the morning. My problem is that I don't go to bed when I should. It's like the clock goes straight from 8pm to 11pm. Anyway, I hope you actually get some rest this weekend. You have a lot going on during the week.

chia said...

You make my muscles hurt just thinking about it ;-). You are bar none the most dedicated and organized athletes I've had the priveledge of hanging out with :-).

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm actually someone who prefers to stay up later to do a workout than get up earlier but I agree it does require a lot of organization, commitment and discipline to do everything day in and day out. I just work PT and from home, though, and have it quite easy compared to you!

Marlene said...

You lost me at "4:15am" - I can't even fathom waking up at 4:xx... you are an inspiration.

You are absolutely right about the organization. I often find that all it takes is an extra 15 or 20 minutes of planning and my entire day goes so uch more smoothly. Easier to get all the work donw... and workouts! Keep it up!

WADDLER26.2 said...

I agree with you getting things done early. When you put it off --it ususally never happens.

Great job!!

Sunshine said...

Amazing you.. seems like you are doing it all!! And with efficent and planned organization.
Oh!! and a blessed new granddaughter.

I had no idea you could have temps in the high 50's in February.
This week we heard that Grand Rapids may top all records for snowfall for the season. Wow.

May energy and health be yours.