Sunday, December 14, 2008


Just like most of you, my week has been filled with working out, working, shopping, wrapping, and going to the numerous parties that come up at this time of the year.

Last Sunday, I did the indoor triathlon. Monday was a strength day. We are having a December challenge at our gym, and the main focus for the month is strength training. We need to achieve 12 workouts in the month (not hard for me) but 7 of them have to be strength training! I've accomplished the spinning, pilates, yoga, swimming, one cardio machine (actually I've done that 4 times) and I'm up to 4 strength training sessions. But I'm feeling pressured to do more of that than I have time or energy. Tuesday was my hill repeat day; Wednesday was a spin class in the am and a strength class in the pm; Thursday was elliptical and treadmill in the am; party in the pm; Friday was an off day--went shopping and out to lunch instead! Saturday was a bike trainer workout and core training in the am; Ironman party in the pm. And that gets back to Sunday. Today? Nothing. Another off day.

The weather is dreary, rainy, and windy, with icy patches everywhere on the sidewalks. Not very enticing to get out and run! I'm on a mission today to get the rest of my shopping done (close), the rest of the wrapping done (close), the house cleaned (close) and catching up on the laudry and meal planning for the week. But all this time gets me spending too much time in my head, about what I should be doing, what training I could be doing, what races I should be thinking of for next year, etc. and yet nothing definite is forming in my mind. Watching Ironman gets you so motivated and starts the mind whirring, but then common sense takes over and I back away. Or maybe its fear?

So for now, nothing much going on. Just everyday life.


Lily on the Road said...

Sounds as though you have a lot going on !!

Take care in this crazy weather, stay safe.

chia said...

Heritage Hill is completely off for running right now. I seriously hate this odd ice thing that is on our walks right now.

Did pull about 12 miles this weekend though :-).

If you want some cleaning help, I do work for beer and/or wine.

Just sayin' :-)

Calyx Meredith said...

Good luck getting in those last few strength sessions - sounds like you're doing a bang up job on all the rest. (I wish I was as far along as you are on the shopping, wrapping and cleaning!!)

Marlene said...

I hear ya... it's hard to keep track of everything going on this time of year, not to mention actually getting it all done!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for your comment of excellent advice: Keep moving!!
Sure looks like that's what you are doing.

Today the predicted high is ZERO!
Calls for keep moving... indoors, I think.

Girl on Top said...

I don't think it's fear. I'm sure you can do it.

bill carter said...

Hi Vickie

Its been a little bit of a rough winter so far huh? I can't believe how much more snow and cold we have had versus the last few years. I guess we just have to keep on slogging.. or doing indoor triathalons.

Have a great holiday season.