Monday, December 22, 2008


Snow, snow, and more snow. Probably about 18 inches have fallen in the last 3 days. I lost track after 14. I could have braved the cold and snow and ran outside, but that's why I have a gym membership! When I think back to when I first got the membership in 2000, I realized that up until then, I had run mostly outside for more than 10 years and, even with having a treadmill at home, rarely used it. Even after getting the gym membership, for 3 years I rarely used it to run inside. If I didn't need to use a pool, I never would have joined at all.

But I'm all over that now, and am glad I have choices I can make--inside or out. So this weekend was all about inside workouts. Four miles on the treadmill Saturday followed by a half mile swim. My swim times have been dropping again, and I'm not sure if its just a fluke or because I have consistently been doing serious weight training again for the last several weeks. Saturday I felt really slow in the pool, and was seriously surprised to see I had taken 40 seconds off my last swim time.

Sunday was 45 minutes on the bike trainer, in the 70-75% heart rate effort, zone 3. I couldn't remember what my numbers were supposed to be but felt like I was not putting enough effort into the workout, so was surprised when I checked later to see that half of it was actually in zone 2, but by the end, I was steadily in zone 3. I am really getting into this heart rate training and can see some improvement due to its use. I'm not sure on the running though. I cannot seem to stay out of zone 4 even at a slow pace, but I guess it takes time to build on that.

I am starting to look ahead to 2009, and the only thing I'll say right now is that it is looking more and more like a triathlon year. 2008 was all about running, and while I accomplished quite a few races, I don't feel like my times improved at all unless I combined it with a swim and/or bike ride. So rather than beat myself up again all next year trying to improve on my running times, I'm figuring it might be more beneficial to do more serious triathlon training.

I got a gift card to a local book store as a Christmas gift, and my next purchase will be Gale Bernhardt's

This seems to have the most information that I'm looking for as well as training plans for every distance.

On the training agenda this week:
  • Monday-weights (done);
  • Tuesday-run 30 minutes, swim 1/2 mile;
  • Wednesday-weights;
  • Thursday-run 30 minutes, swim 1/2 mile (my gym is open 24/7 all year round so I'll be able to get in a workout even on Christmas day);
  • Friday-bike 45 minutes;
  • Saturday-run 45 minutes, swim 1/2 mile;
  • Sunday-bike 1 hour.

Once I actually get the book, I am hoping to do base training (like this schedule) for the next several weeks and then move on to a specific race plan. Rather than start in June or July next year (like I typically do) getting ready for my summer A race, I am going to (hopefully) be smart and organized and get on the ball by late March/early April. I'm thinking if I'm not so worried about my running all winter, maybe things will go better by spring. I'm also hoping with specific training plans, it will be easier to stay motivated and focused even in the type of weather we're having now and will continue having for the next several months. So let it snow!


Kona Shelley said...

yay for 2009!! Can't wait to start a new season of training and racing!

TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian said...

Enjoy the snow, V. Let us know your triathlon race schedule.

Stay tuned...

Anne said...

The only downside to gyms during snowstorms is they tend to be more crowded, but they can be a life-saver too. Good luck planning and training for all those tris next year.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I'm impressed with your balanced triathlon looking workouts last week. I'm given up on cycing and swimming at the moment. I plan to be back to both in January (or Feb at the latest). You're setting yourself up for a great triathlon year. :-)

Just_because_today said...

Seems that you have more snow than I do. But only then we appreciate spring more!
if I could get the biking under control I use attempt a tri. I went with my friend to an olympic distance one and wished I had been competing but the bike...I am not good at it