Saturday, December 06, 2008


by Fe-Lady to list 6 things that make me happy. Most of these will include my kids:

1. Being able to help them out financially when needed. I have never been able to get over the guilt of putting them through a difficult childhood because of our financial troubles for so many years, both from internal and external reasons. They had what they really needed most of the time, but to be able to finally be in a position (for now at least) to help them when it really counts is one thing that makes me happy.

2. Being happy that despite some of the mistakes I made in their early years that for the most part they are succeeding as best they can and don't seem to hold any grudges against me for what I perceive to be my parental failures. I realize I am hard on myself about things that may seem trivial to others, but its that Catholic guilt upbringing I had that doesn't let me put things out of my mind until I feel they are resolved in a way I am satisfied with.

3. Being healthy enough to pursue whatever athletic goals I choose.

4. Living in this country and being able to freely travel wherever I choose.

5. Finally seeing gas prices go down!

6. Knowing all you bloggers.

I can't remember who may have played this before so if you feel like playing along, I'll pass it to you.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Great list.

That's a nice tag idea. :-)

chia said...

All very cool sources of happiness. Your kids are so lucky. Chances are they look back at their childhood and don't remember nearly as many hardships as you do. My mom and I talk about that sometimes... how we were so poor through my childhood and how much she wished she could have "done more" for me. Thing is, I don't really care that I didn't have brand name clothes or toys or went to the best schools. At the time I thought I needed a lot more than I had... but now I look back and think I was better off not having some of the frivolous crap I begged for or a better house or whatever.

My list is a heck of a lot more shallow -- Running, sex, alcohol, popcorn and my bike. Pretty lame eh?

jeanne said...

terrific list. I ask my daughter from time to time if she remembers this or that incident where i was..err, less than an ideal mother, and most times she doesn't! kids are amazingly resilient.

but i hear ya about the guilt thing. hard to get over.

Sunshine said...

What a nice list!!

The last time you tagged me.. I didn't write because everything you wrote seemed so right on that I didn't think I could improve on
it. This is a great list too.

Counting the days until spring already.

Marcy said...


Oy, I can ONLY hope that mine come out to be productive members of society. I shall cross my fingers in the meantime HAHA