Monday, December 29, 2008


Twenty-eight days and holding with no sun at all here in the frozen tundra of West Michigan. While we also live in the 21st cloudiest city in the U.S., this has also been the cloudiest month on record with 28 days of no sunshine.

All the weather horrors we've had this month fade away with the return of the sun. Where's my sunglasses!

On another note, the newspaper headlines today read: Potholes make early arrival in Grand Rapids area.

More winter weather woes for us. All the streets around my house that don't have speed bumps on them are filled with potholes. Its like driving through a mine field to dodge them. And it makes running in the dark that much more treacherous. If the snow or ice don't get you down, the potholes will certainly swallow you up or break an ankle or something! Sixteen cars were damaged Saturday on a street where I usually exit the highway to get home, but I purposely avoided it knowing the potholes would be bad and then found out about all the wrecked cars after.

And just another one of Michigan's greats: those Detroit Lions! Here's a shirt for all the Detroit fans:

Congratulations Lions! A perfect season: 0 and 16. Too bad the Christmas shopping is over!

Also today at the gym, being a weight training day, I tried the Cybex Arc Trainer that we are testing out. A little different than the elliptical. It was a hard workout in the short time I was on it, but also easier than running on the treadmill. By adjusting the incline, you can get 3-4 different workouts, but definitely it is not like running.

Just a reminder that starting in 2009, I will be doing the Double Digit Challenge, where starting on January 1, I will run 1 mile on 1/1; 2 miles on 2/2; 3 miles on 3/3, and so on. Just for the fun of it. Join me if you'd like!


amybee said...

Yikes! 21st Cloudiest city! Bleah!

We have a ton of snow/cold/ice here in Minneapolis. Not my favorite. I really missing the warm, sunny training days of summer.

The only good thing about all the snow/ice is that they cover up our potholes. We see them in spring. Just like the robin!

Just_because_today said...

thanks for the visit. I enjoyed reading your blog. I live on a dead end road, not a priority to the town. My road has not been paved once since we bought our house 15 years ago. The curb has been washed off and the potholes are only patched every year. It makes running a surviving adventure!

WADDLER26.2 said...

This weather has been insane!! I think you have got it worse than us. Take care spring will come sometime.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about the double digit challenge. I think I can do this, at least until the numbers get too high. Not sure I'm going to try running past 7-8 miles at a time this year (knee thing).

Your weather seems icky! But yay for the sun shining. When we moved to NM from Toledo the first thing I noticed was how blue the sky was and you can see forever here. I don't think even on a sunny day, I had seen truly sunny skies growing up.

Anne said...

Be very careful out there. Something tells me the potholes won't be fixed for awhile. Sorry about your Lions; we were wondering aloud last night if there's a certain pride in having a team that's THAT bad. Embrace the novelty.