Saturday, November 03, 2007


While the thought of relaxing in this for a few months--on a tropical beach no less!--sounds ideal, I know that while it may be the triathlon off season--or will be after today's Ironman Florida and next week's 70.3 series championships, there is no off season in running.

All the fast, smart triathletes here use their tri off season to ramp up their running, which I think puts them ahead of the competition when the next season rolls around. Its continuous, its perpetual it seems, that they just keep training, in one form or another, all year round.

When I was into competitive running, I was SO glad for the racing season to be over because, truthfully, I was tired out and burned out. A couple of months off from serious training then became welcomed and expected. It gave me a chance to get caught up on all the household things neglected since early spring, and some of the family things I put off because I had been too tired otherwise.

But since I don't feel like I have really worked that hard this year--I know, I've done a lot, but not at the same level!--I plan to use the "off season" to build on my running. I may not have slacked off, like it seems in a way, but when you go as slow as I do, you don't feel the burnout. Maybe that's good in a way.

That being said, my off season plans will be geared mainly looking for and training for races I want to do next year, whether here or somewhere more sensibly warm. I've said it before, and I can't emphasize enough, how important it is for me to get this running thing in better shape. Running was where it all started for me. Running can be done almost anywhere at any time of the year. Not too much special equipment needed. And I know that building on my running strength again will make next year's triathlon season more successful, and less frustrating (that and some skinnier tires, but that's another story!).

Here's a tentative list of what I'm thinking of:

And that brings me right back to the "off season" again. With that kind of schedule, I think I will surely be ready for an off season next year!


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You have an agressive schedule next year - two half Iron Man races?!?!

I love how you have so many half-marathons tentatively planned.

If you run one on Jan 5, there will definately be no off-seaon for running. I think that's a smart idea.

Sunshine said...

Thanks for sharing your ambitious calendar!
Looking forward to reading your interesting reports.
You go, Lady in Pink!

Shelley said...

Wow..looks like a busy schedule Vickie...sure hope you can come with me to FLA..we'll have a blast!!

bill carter said...

I love looking forward to all of the future races. It seems like I get done with one and than its like "Ok What's next?" I know that for me right now I'm trying to be as competitive as I can before I get too old to do this stuff.
Beautiful days to run in Michigan these last few days have been great.

Flo said...

While I never ran competitively, running is where it all began for me too. I love to run. I love the feel of the it, the joy of moving through space, I just love it. So I'll be right there with you running away this winter (although I'll probably have a little better weather :) Good luck and run injury free.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Looks like an exciting 2008. I hope we cross paths.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Wow, now that's a schedule.