Sunday, January 11, 2009

First training 2009 week done:
  • Sunday, 50 min. bike trainer, cadence
  • Monday, weights
  • Tuesday run 30 minutes; swim 30 minutes; pilates
  • Wednesday, 1 hour weight training class
  • Thursday, swim 30 minutes, run 30 minutes, intervals
  • Friday, spin class
  • Saturday, 45 min. run; 30 min swim

It was an easy week. Eventually, I will add another spin class. The hard part is getting the run/swim days done on work days. If I swim in the am, it is hard to get to the gym at lunch because I can always be guaranteed some crisis coming up and preventing me from taking a long lunch, leaving an evening run, when I am at my low point of the day, and it is an absolute stretch to get me on a treadmill at that time of day. Added to that, I am attempting still the heart rate challenge, meaning trying my best to stay within my zones, which is nearly impossible when running. Biking and swimming, no problem. Running? I max out every time, no matter how slow the pace. Please, someone, tell me this will pay off eventually??


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

That seems like an intense schedule - two a days most days? yikes!

Good job getting it done. No idea how to help with HR training for running

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job on the training!!

bunnygirl said...

I wish I could do that much on weekdays! Weekends, no problem, but weekdays are tough for me.

I think you're doing great. Don't be afraid to do run/walk as you get back into it. Purists sneer at the Galloway run/walk strategy but it's the best way I've found to come back after injury, illness, or anything else that's kept you away for a little while.

Calyx Meredith said...

Doesn't look like an easy week to me! Good job on getting it all in.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Your schedule looks great:)

A few of my friends worked with heart rates, and they had to slow their paces down significantly. I've also talked to someone who does this heart rate stuff for a living, and everyone has a different MAX HR. We're talking someone who runs a 3:03 marathon has a MAX HR of something like 156, and theres another guy with a MAX HR of 225.

Perhaps you could get it tested.

Marlene said...

An easy week?! Looks like a pretty packed schedule to me. How do you squeeze it all in?!

I'm sure it will pay off. hang in there!

chia said...

What HR range are you using? I was reading about how people over 35 that are active shouldn't use the doctor prescribed "ranges" since they are too low to account for the fact that you're in the shape of a 20 year old.

Are you sleeping alright lately? My HR goes NUTS if I'm not resting enough. I also noticed that if I down a pot of chamomile tea at night my morning workout is traditionally at a lower HR than others.

There was something online that I read about doing one workout a week where it's an all out run to your top HR, then immediately walk til you're at the bottom of aerobic range, then all out run til HR is topped again, repeat. It's theory was that push/retreat would train the heart to maintain a more midrange HR during regular paced runs.

It sounded cheesy to me but could work.

Happy training! Looks like a fun week!

Anne said...

I don't see how that kind of early training schedule can't help but pay off for you. Keep at it.

Sunshine said...

Keep going, Girl!!
Forecast for 10 below zero for the high tomorrow here.
Keep warm.