Friday, March 21, 2008


That was from a news story I read just 2 days ago and what some analysts would like us to believe. Sorry, but that just doesn't happen here. Even the calendar lies! See for yourself why I don't put much stock in that theory:

These are scenes from roadways around the area today. At least 4 inches predicted, maybe as much as 8 in some places. Glad I'm not traveling this weekend. Happy Easter! Happy Spring!


Moral Victories said...

I feel your pain. God I need it to be warm. It's 12F here today. I should not be in my big winter coat this time of year.

I just want to run outside with no snow or ice... you know? (Don't mind me as I have a minor meltdown.)_

Marcy said...

Bleck!! I'm sorry chica! And I thought my weather was bad :-(

jahowie said...

We ended up getting the full 8 inches!! Yes Spring is slightly delayed again this year.