Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, not exactly. Just back to reality it seems. A week in paradise does break up the bleakness of a Michigan winter though! And just think, the calendar says that spring is coming. Its obvious with the snow melting (not gone by a long shot!), the sun actually shining, and birds chirping in the early morning hours. And, if it weren't for the snow piles and potholes, I might actually be tricked into thinking it was warmer out than it is. We are enjoying quite a bit of unusual weather--sunshine. I'm not particularly fond of this daylight savings thing either. I know I complain about it every time we go back and forth, because my body does not function well on that cycle. It takes me weeks to adjust. So, rather than fight it, I must just wait it out.

I have been very busy at work, not just from being gone, but just some projects that were "out there" before I left, only to haunt me when I came back. I was hoping they would disappear on their own, but no luck. So I am not intentionally ignoring you bloggers. I am reading but don't have much time for posting. I am just finding myself away from my computer for long periods of time, and then catching up on all the e-mails when I do get to sit down. I will catch up with all of you eventually!

In the meantime, I have been tagged, by Shelley and Anne, to reveal 7 things, and I think it is weird things, about myself. I've been pretty careful up to this point to not let on just how weird I am, so as to not scare anyone off, but if you must know, here goes:

1. I love coffee, but almost always drink decaf. Its not the caffeine I like or need, just the taste and the comfort it brings. In fact, when I can't sleep, I can get up, make coffee, drink a cup or two, and then go back to sleep. Weird.

2. I cannot stand the smell of melting or melted butter or cheese. I retch whenever I smell either. I've been that way since a kid, so I don't know where it comes from. If someone at work makes buttered microwave popcorn and I get a whiff, I have to run out of the room immediately. Same thing if they are nuking something for lunch with cheese on it. And my kids all know neither is allowed in my house or anywhere near me. Ewww.

3. I sleep with a pillow over my head. I can sleep without it, but sleep best with one over my ears especially. I've been doing this since a kid too, so figure it might have started when I still lived with my parents and 5 noisy brothers and sisters and when I would stay up all night reading books and then want to sleep all day. And it continued again when my one daughter was young and frequently woke me from a sound sleep to tell me she was sick, and then proceed to throw up on me. Had to protect myself. It was a defense mechanism.

4. I love red wine, but have to really limit myself on drinking it. One glass, and my mind is sharper and I am so smart. Two or more, and I find out just how stupid I really am.

5. After doing triathlons for the past 10 years, I still cannot change a bike tire. I keep looking for my AAA card in the mail for a number to call someone to change my tires, but no one has sent me one yet.

6. My hair grows completely uneven. What I mean here is that on the right side of my head, my bangs grow very slowly or hardly at all between haircuts, yet are wavy; the rest of my hair on the right side is very straight and grows unproportionately. On the left side of my head, my bangs grow much longer than the rest and are stick straight; the rest of the hair on my left side is wavy and grows much slower. I sometimes have to get my bangs trimmed on one side and the rest of the hair on the other between haircuts to not look lopsided. Somewhere, wires got crossed.

7. When I swim, I count every lap and every stroke. On the contrary, I never keep track of any of my workouts on paper and never have.

And there you have it. Weird things about me you probably wish you didn'tknow. And believe me, I've edited out some of the worst ones!

I'm not sure if he has been tagged before, but I'll tag Black Knight, and see what happens. I don't know much about him yet, and he might have already been tagged, but if so, please pass this on! And now, its time for me to have another cup of coffee and maybe go back to sleep for a while.


Cindy Jo said...

Happy to be catching up with you!

The potholes around here are a nightmare! What happens when we can FINALLY ride outside?!

jahowie said...

Weirdo!! LOL!! I love buttered popcorn. It's one of my favorite snacks. I'll be sure to keep it out of sight when you are around.

Anonymous said...

Coffee to help you sleep...that's funny! You are getting the good benefits from coffee though, not the caffeine.

Marcy said...

I totally understand #1 even though I primarily drink for the caffeine. A lot of times when I'm not even tired I'll crave it just for the "comfort". It's like liquid happiness I tell ya! LOL

bill carter said...

It is pretty rotten to go on a trip and have such warm weather (for the most part) and then come back to Michigan where it is still winter.

Interesting 7 BTW.

Sunshine said...

Over 40 degrees here today.. yes, you are right.. SUN shine.. melted snow.. water running in the streets.. Halleluja.. Spring must be coming.

Interesting 7 things.. I'm with you on the coffee. Sometimes just the smell in the kitchen in nice.

Christie said...

Coming back from vacation is the worst. I hate coming back to the same work I left behind.