Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In only the second time in weeks, I finally got outside for a run this morning. The temperature was above freezing (32), no wind, ice and snow melted finally, and the 3/4 moon gave enough visibility to be able to avoid the potholes.

It was about time too. I have finally reached my breaking point with the treadmill. After we got dumped on again last weekend with snow and ice, I was forced to take my long run to the treadmill again. I couldn't do it. I slogged through it, hating every minute of it, whining and complaining (only to myself), and wanting to tear my hair out from the monotony. Tuesday, another scheduled run day, I couldn't bring myself to step on that contraption again, even though it was snowing yet again. I just couldn't do it. I vowed then that this morning I would go outside to run. Naturally I was also hoping for a dry morning. It was perfect, if you can call cold and darkness perfect.

But the good things about running in the darkness? It doesn't matter what you look like. I don't have to comb my hair, put on makeup, or even have matched gloves. The darkness also seems to insulate how you are feeling on the run. Or maybe because no one can see whether you are feeling good or miserable, you aren't as aware yourself because you know no one is looking at you.

I always have to remember, though, that it takes longer to get a run in when going outside in this weather because of all the layers: tights over shorts; under armor shirt; wick-away shirt over that; headband; socks; 2 pair of stretchy gloves, none of which matched the other (one pink; one gray; one striped; one blue), and finally the illuminite jacket. That added on another 5 minutes at least getting into all that gear. And I have to admit, sometimes that is enough to deter me.

And today, I hardly saw anyone out, not running or dog walking, and then I realized it was actually earlier than usual because my schedule called for 4 miles. And I was more than ready to get out and get going by 6 am. It felt good, moving through the darkness, no ice, no slush, no wind. I have gained quite a bit of endurance running since late fall/early winter, so the treadmill runs have at least paid off there.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I can get one more good outside run in and then, once again, I will be on the road again, this time to sunny (hopefully!) Florida. An opportune chance to get away for some sun and relaxation, and later getting together with Shelley and her crew for a few days. So the next time I check in, I'll be walking in sunshine!


Moral Victories said...

We are finally seeing decent weather today. It actually started above freezing and stayed there.

Naturally, The Man is on a business trip so no running tonight. Sigh. I may try to sneak out tomorrow at lunch.


Sunshine said...

Sort of wished we were going to see a picture of that running outfit! Hats off to you.. and good job.

Hoping your Florida trip is all You are hoping for. Best wishes.

Fe-lady said...

Man you guys have really had the LONG winter...glad you are headed for sunshine again soon!
And didn't you feel good about getting that run in despite the cold and dark?

Anonymous said...

You did great putting up with the treadmill all much better than I would!!

Warm weather will be so nice for you! Have a great trip :)

Cindy Jo said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Florida!!! I didn't realize you were going to be there!

Anne said...

Running in the dark is my favorite time for reasons you've stated, no need to even bother with matching socks, hair, etc. And if you live where it's hilly, like me, you don't realize how hard you're climbing when you only see just-so-far ahead.

Enjoy Florida -- and brace for that humidity. I hope you still have some of your cruise tan left!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Outside running is so much better than treadmill running! I make all kinds of bargains with myself on the treadmill to keep myself from giving up. I really don't know how anyone can stand running on those things unless it is absolutely positively necessary.

See Zanne Run said...

i feel like that when i get geared up to go for a ride sometimes ... there just seems to be more gear, feels like it takes forever to get out the door!

florida sounds dreamy -