Tuesday, August 21, 2007


. . . for having temperatures in the 50s and 60s here, while you all sweat to death. I actually wore a sweater today as part of my work ensemble. LOL! Just remember though when I will be complaining as I scrape the ice and snow off my windshield in just a few short months.

To take advantage of this early peek at fall weather, it was time to get back to regular running. My ankle is probably 98% right now, so I am extremely happy with that, but with even a 2% chance of reinjury, I'm still wearing the ankle support, now getting grungier from soil and sweat, but doing its job, nevertheless! I have been trying to not do too much at once, but I also want to try to reestablish some of the running base I have lost as quickly as possible, so also am still relying on the elliptical to fill in the blanks. Yesterday was another 5 mile day on the elliptical. Boring as it sounds, it goes by quickly enough, and its still new enough to present some fun and challenge. And I'll tell you, I sweat. A lot. Today, though, I planned to run just 2 miles but ended up going for 40 minutes, all too easy to do, thanks, I suspect, to the increased endurance from the elliptical and all the previous biking. Eventually, you get your paybacks it seems.

Getting back to the weather, I am a little concerned about what awaits me in Louisville, as the extended forecast calls not only for hot and humid weather, but the chance of rain and thunderstorms too! Note to self and anyone else planning on being there: pack the umbrella.

This will be somewhat of a new experience for me attending an IM race. In the past, I have always gone with a group, hung out with the group, and done all the group things. This time, I'm traveling alone, will have the group around me, but am actually hoping to break free from them and meet up with all the bloggers! So I am going to have to figure out how to get around by myself most of the time. I'm an adventurer though, and never hesitate to set out in search of wherever I think I need to go. (That's another way of saying I'm likely to get lost and do a lot of wandering around.)

I'll be relying on a couple of people "local" to the area. One is Suzanne, who I've enjoyed reading these last few months. I can't really remember where or when I found her blog, but it was back when she was having that "pain in the ass" injury I've had so I thought I could offer a little advice on what it was. As time has gone on, however, reading about her running has taken me back to my early days of running, so I'm looking forward to meeting with her finally. She tells me its hot down there, so at least I know what I'm getting into there!

I also hope to meet up with the bloggers: Iron Pol, Mary Sunshine, Courtney, Laura, and maybe Geek Girl and Sweet Baboo. Also, Karen and Duane who will be volunteering. Sometimes, the logistics and schedules makes it impossible to meet up with unknowns, but I'm hoping I see some of you! I know there are a few more, but I haven't made any connection with them yet. It looks to be a busy weekend!


Shelley said...

I'm jealous..send me your cell number again..I want to call you and find out what you think of the race this weekend!!

Phoenix said...

That sounds like so much fun!!

SWTrigal said...

Have a great time in KY. Give S. Baboo and Geek Girl a hug for me!

Triteacher said...

I KNOW! It's suddenly sweatshirt weather here in Wisconsin too. I keep telling myself that we're bound to have a little bit of summer yet, right??

Have a great time stumbling around in Louisville this weekend. :)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Have fun. I wish I could be there and spectate. I thought about it since my dad lives there (combine it with a visit to him), but the timing just didn't work out.

And yes, I'm envious of your weather. I had the pleasure of cycling home from work in 96deg weather today.

See Zanne Run said...

soak up as much of that chilly weather as you can ... actually, if you could just bottle some of it up & bring it down with you, that would be great! i got your email & will respond tomorrow (after my post big dog run stupor nap) ... i'll totally help you out with directions, etc ... however you found me, i'm thrilled you did! You offered that great advice on the tennis ball massage -and my back was feeling a little achy last night - i put that tennis ball to work! glad to hear you are resuming the running again! see you sometime this weekend!