Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This is a shoe I am considering getting. It is the Merrell Overdrive. Here are just some of the specs:

New trail running technology that brings some serious swift, keeping adventure racers centered and efficient to maintain speed over changeable terrain. Proprietary TrailSpring™ design positions visible tubes bi-sected by support beams in a full-length TPU plate to inhibit overpronation and cushion heel-strike. Trail Balanced last with integrated arch bridge stabilizes the heel while freeing the forefoot for easy toe off. Co-designed by adventure racing veteran and Team Merrell Captain Robyn Benincasa, the Overdrive's quick-cinch Airmesh upper and Air Cushion® sole (with Q form stride alignment for women) drain readily and are gaiter-compatible. Contingency eyelets accommodate traditional lacing. Traditional lace included. Click here to view Quick-Cinch Lace removal instructions. Vibram® Full Speed II™ sole features heel-centering cutaway design and flex grooves for propulsion at the forefoot.

Now, these aren't labeled "running" shoes, but I do like the category they fit into: Active Speed/Trail. I figure with the description given, not only will they get me through the slippery spots a little easier, but they definitely have support and stability, both of which I like in a shoe. And with my good luck on other Merrell shoes, I will take the chance. The best part of the deal is we get a dealer discount here at work, so my cost? $49.50 (retail is $99). I figure I can't go wrong there. Even if they don't work for outside running, they will work otherwise.

I realized recently that I haven't replaced my running shoes in many moons, so that could be part of the problem with my heel. I really don't want that turning into full blow plantar fasciatis or a heel spur, so I would rather take the preemptive steps to avoid it now. They also have a waterproof version for those seriously into trails, which I'm not particularly, but they actually would probably be great for snow as well.

I bought a pair of Merrells earlier this year and loved them. (Blogger says the image has been uploaded, but as you can see, it isn't.) I bought those when I had this problem before and needed something comfortable for vacation. I loved them so much, that I went back and bought 2 more pair. They were lifesavers after my accident with my broken toes because I couldn't get any other shoe on comfortably except these. I have continued wearing them, even though from time to time I do wear other shoes now, just because they are so comfortable. They definitely are a casual shoe, but look great with work pants or jeans.

The Overdrive also has the cinch lace system, which to me is a main time saver getting shoes on and off, and of course those are perfectly geared for triathlon. So, who knows? Maybe this will become more than just a winter shoe of choice. I'll report more after I wear them for a while.


Shelley said...

Forget new shoes, sign up for STEELHEAD....hee hee

Flo said...

I love Merrells. I have a pair of shoes and a pair of sandals. Love them love them!!!

sharon said...

I guess I've been out of running too long because I've never heard of Merrells. I like shoes that look good with jeans too, so that when they are no longer good for running I can wear them to work and such.