Monday, December 04, 2006


And now that all the talk about Christmas shopping has started, I have to comment on one (of many) of my pet peeves about this office. First, there was the Secret Santa thing. Like I said, its not that I don't want to participate--after all, you're not considered a team player (apparently) if you don't get in on at least one office gig--its just really not my thing. I went along with it this year since I am in a new office location from the past 16 years, meaning new floor mates, etc. This is a regular thing for a lot of them, so I went along to basically go along. And then I saw what that got me. But that wasn't the worst of it.

No, the worst part is where I have been appointed personal shopper for all the running guys and gals in the office with assistants who need to buy them something. This has been going on every year for as long as I can remember. And as the years have gone on, I have had less and less connection with a lot of these other runners because I have gone on to triathlon and all they do is run. Somehow, I have become the guru on what to buy these people, none of whom I run with. Ever. Few of whom I discuss running or triathlon with. Ever. And even fewer of whom I really know.

But, apparently, I am one of the few in the know about what to buy a runner. The word gets around, too, and it seems like every couple of years or so, someone I don't even know e-mails me about what to buy for so and so. Do any of them ever ask if I care? No. And my answer is the same: I really don't care. Actually, I have told them many times, I do not care what you buy this person, and I doubt that buying them running gear is that important. After all, two things I notice about these guys (mainly guys) are: (1) they wear the same stuff over and over and over, day in and day out, changing only for the season at hand, and (2) all of them can afford to buy anything they want whenever they want it. But there's a third element here: Most likely you won't be able to afford anything they really want anyway.

Gift cards just don't seem to cut it with these pass-the-buck shoppers. Short of getting someone to actually go out and purchase their gifts, they rely on others to do all their thinking and online shopping.

This year, finally, I may have put an end to this. There is a woman here who sells Thorlo socks for $5, from running and walking, to hunting and skiing. She also has an inside connection to other sporting goods. I just pass on to the would-be shopper the suggestion that they check with "Hollie" and see what she has on hand.

Hopefully, this will get them off my back for at least a year or two!


TriFeist said...

People can be real jerks. Why would they comments on where you were riding? That's like implying you deserved it. Ooooo, it makes me mad.

sharon said...

I think passing these people off on Hollie is the best solution. The bonus being she'll feel she owes you for all the business you're sending her way. ha ha.

Flo said...

Another thing I don't miss about working in large company!! I hate that kind of stuff. I think you've hit on a pretty good solution though. Let's hope it works.