Friday, September 01, 2006


That's what my Kolbe Index points to. The Kolbe Index is a business tool that
assesses how we subconsciously invest our energy, providing a means of predicting the way in which we go about solving problems; that which we strive towards and how we are likely to act in a given situation, independent of whether we are extraverted or introverted or our social style. The theory suggests that, if we are forced by circumstances to work against our 'natural or instinctive grain', we will be subject to conative stress, under-use our talents and be less productive.

"Forced by circumstances" to work against my instincts; subjected to conative stress; underuse of my talents; less productive. That pretty much sums up my life and training the last few years. Part of it of course was due to circumstances beyond my total control, but some was due to my fear of flying, so to speak. Fear of failure. Fear to try the unknown. That is me mostly. But I have started discovering something all of a sudden: if I am a strategic planner by nature, then why shouldn't I apply that to my training as well? Why couldn't I use this inate "talent" to make a plan and then work it? The answer of course is that I can.

I know my confidence has been boosted by several factors over these last few months, but I have to give myself some credit for picking myself up, dusting myself off, and getting on with what I have loved doing for years and stop letting outside influences and others dictate how I live my life, when it has mainly been a guilt trip that has kept me from standing up and taking action.

I also am having this feeling I am being steered by a more powerful force to take this direction. Things that have been smacking me in the face for so long have suddenly become clear to me. Things that I can put into a plan to help me train for the next year towards a goal I have been almost not daring to think about for so long but keeps nagging at me as a possibility. That's why I think I am finally ready to take this triathlon training to a whole higher level. THINK BIG!


Fe-lady said...

Send me some motivation! :-)

Eric said...

I just read about your accident from Shelly,

Hopefully you heal quickly.

TriFeist said...

Vickie! Shelly told us about your accident. I'm glad to hear you survived, how horrible for you. I hope you heal quickly.

E-Speed said...
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E-Speed said...

Holy cow okay I should read details first duh. I hope you are okay. Glad to hear you talked to Shelly. Sorry you got so banged up, I can't imagine. I'm sending you good vibes and hoping for a quick recovery!