Friday, June 16, 2006

Three months ago I was looking through my clothes in preparation for spring and was thinking, "I don't have anything to wear." What I really meant was I don't have anything that fits to wear.

So I took stock of my situation and decided then and there enough was enough. I was re-finding myself that had been lost and forgotten for so long. I knew I could find that person there again, lose weight, get back to training seriously, and hopefully get back to doing tris again this year and from now on.

Today after my short swim (to try out new goggles only), I was getting dressed when I suddenly realized: Everything I am wearing is a SMALL. Holy sh##t! When was the last time I actually wore small, small, and small?? I really had to look at the tags on the pants, because I actually had never worn them--white capris. Yup, they say small. And they look good. Not tight. Check out the butt to be sure you can't see through them. Okay, looks good!

My motto then is: if the clothes are tight, you don't wear white! I hate seeing women in the office wearing see through white pants with the big butts. Not attractive in the least. So I am very conscious about not doing the same thing. I have waited since last year to wear these pants. Yahoo!

So now I'm looking at my closet thinking I don't have much to wear because--things are too big!

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Shelley said...

You're too funny!!! Congrats on the weight loss though!!