Friday, June 02, 2006


I finally did what I said I wanted to do--go on a ride before work. It wasn't a long ride, about 50 min., but enough to call it a workout. A perfect morning too.

I debated about riding the slightly hilly route on the road or taking the river trail, and finally decided on the trail. There is a different type of traffic out there on work days from the almost non-existent traffic at that time on weekends. Safety was more important than hills. There are two gravel pits along that stretch of road, and I hate having the gravel trucks whooshing past me. The speed limit is only 25 mph, but apparently that doesn't apply to them. If they are going less than 50 mph at any given time, I would be surprised. Its not uncommon to almost get blown off your bike by these guys.

So along the river I went. I was glad there wasn't much wind, since the cottonwood trees are in full shedding mode right now, so instead of riding through a blinding cotton storm, things were calm, with the fluff covering the road and the top of the water like a late season slushy snowstorm. Good thing too since I forgot my sunglasses.

The bike problem from the weekend has mostly been taken care of--bent derailleur, which is why I couldn't get the chain off the small chain ring. Still a few minor things need some work, but all in all the bike is moving along better.

I noticed the river on this first winding stretch, looking brown and stagnant from heavy rains this week. Part of this, I'm sure, is the fact that there are 3 wastewater treatment plants in the area from 3 separate municipalities, and the smell was a pungent reminder. I forgot though that I was still in the middle chain ring, and once I got off the winding part of the path, I shifted onto the big ring and my pace picked up.

I was the only one out, at least at this time, except for one old man wearing some exotic looking bike gear I can't even describe. It looked like he had a bright yellow turban on instead of a helmet and a purple flowing cape. Maybe. . . . Other than that, I was out there alone. This worried me a little since there are no houses along this whole stretch, and it is pretty much out of view of any traffic from the road, and while one part of the road is exclusively for bikes or recreational people, the other is for cars, so I am always on the watch for those appearing to be trolling for trouble. There are always people fishing in this area too, so its not surprising to see people, but this morning there was no one. Until this bike path was established, it was a pretty desolate stretch of road, attracting all sorts of low life. The road was finally shut to all traffic until 5:30 a.m. to prevent things like crimes taking place there. Like I said, it is pretty much shielded from any prying eyes.

Before I knew it, it was time to think of heading back. I wanted to keep to a specific time in order to make some attempt to get to work on time. I had the luxury of my "private" gym to change in right in my building, saving me at least 20-30 minutes of hassle time, but I still wanted to get there ahead of the 8 o'clock crowd and avoid the 7:30 crowd as well. I just don't like the idea of walking into my building in sweaty workout clothes, no makeup, and helmet hair. Its an image thing.

Good ride. Nice way to start the day. I think I need to do this again sometime.


Shelley said...

Good that you can get rides in before work...very nice!!

Fe-lady said...

Those before work rides are the best...except I always am ready for a nap right after lunch (and lunch at 10:30 please!)
Good for you!