Saturday, June 10, 2006

Guilty. That's how I feel. I know it really isn't my fault, yet somehow I feel responsible.

My friend Jan from work who went to the ChiRunning workshop with me, whom I have encouraged and mentored in her running and beginning triathlete endeavors over the past 6 years, fell off her bike and broke her arm/wrist/thumb. As luck would have it, her first crash had to be serious, and now she is out of the tri for next weekend and probably the rest of the season. No swimming or biking, that's for sure. And her big goal is to qualify for Boston for next year.

Why do I feel guilty? Because I feel like if not for me, she wouldn't have even attempted a triathlon. My tales of the Ironman races I had been to got the fire burning, and last year she finally did her first one. We were to do one next weekend--she had finally made the decision to try an Olympic distance, which is a long swim for her. No matter what my time on the swim was, she would be sue to kick my butt on the bike and run.

So I know, its not really my fault, nor should I feel guilty or responsible, but I do. Just my nature. She actually fell trying to clip in and out of her new pedals. I warned her to practice. I warned her against using her foot for a brake like I did on my first crash (tearing a hamstring). I thought I had covered all the "don'ts" but forgot to tell her--don't use your hand to stop yourself.

The break is so severe, she can't even do anything for almost a week until the swelling goes down and she has surgery. And again as luck would have it, it was her dominant hand, so that affects her work. Fortunately she is in a position to work from home most of the time so she doesn't have to get dressed to go out to the office.

But now all her training and hard work are out the window for now. Her two a day workouts that got her recognized at the gym for member of the month; her successful completion of the 25k last month; her age group wins at the indoor tris she did this winter.

I know we are supposed to believe that there is a reason for all things to happen, but I can't help feel bad for her. I am now trying to think of ways to help her rehab.

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Fe-lady said...

So sorry to hear about Jan's fall-but please don't lay the guilt trip on yourself! She could have always said "no" when you suggested entering this upcoming tri...maybe she would have even done it had you not mentioned it!
Just be there for her...I am sure she will be "down" because she can't workout for awhile...but she can eventually still run and then slowly get back into the pool and maybe on the bike someday! Chin up!