Friday, June 30, 2006

IM Coeur D'Alene. What can I say? I'm sure you all can imagine how exciting it was. I wish I had more time to write right now. I've been without internet connection since Monday--stayed in a fairly primitive campground in Hungry Horse, Montana, about 9 miles outside West Glacier, and am now in Iron Mountain, Michigan (was up in the UP). I will be home Saturday and hopefully will get caught up on all the details as soon as possible.

Shelley did a great job on her race, as did all the others, even those who were unable to finish due to the horribly hot weather. No one was exempt from the heat that day. Of the 13 athleses in our group, 11 finished, two were pulled out for medical reasons, and two did their first Ironman triathlons. While it is exciting watching the pros, the real heros that day were the every day athletes, and of course what a thrill it was watching the "virgins" complete their first races. Until you stand there (or actually participate) and watch people crossing the finish line and hearing those words: "_____, you are an Ironman!" you can't know the emotions it brings out in you.

Anyway, more later. I have spent 14 hours in the car and I have had it today!

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