Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ahhh. Its over. Its a new month, the numbers are tallied, and the winners are. . . .
Jan, 1st place
Vickie, 2nd place.
I knew this was how it would come out. Jan was ahead of me from the first week, since it was right after Steelhead and I was out of town for 12 days. My only exercise options during that time were running, walking, or swimming, and I didn't do much of anything due to recovery from Steelhead and being on vacation. And naturally, the "race" started on Aug. 4, and Steelhead was on Aug. 2, so those miles couldn't count for the virtual race.
They did count, however, for my monthly totals which are:
Swim 4400 yards
Bike 365.5 miles
Run 57.9
Walk 13 miles
Canoe 8 miles
Total: 446.9 miles.
In reality, I totalled more miles than she did over the 4 week race, but she did reach the goal of 370 miles first. I was a biking/running fool the last week to get caught up and go over the top. And then there was that 8 mile canoe trip we took on Sunday, which was more like canoeing in a gravel pit since the river was so low most of the way we were pushing the canoe more than paddling. That was an ordeal in itself! I was counting that though no matter what!
Now, on to a new month and new adventures!


Fe-lady said...

That's some incredible mileage you racked up there missy!
Great job!
What is second place prize this year?

Anonymous said...

Still a great month there, woman!

Ah, but now a new month with more goals to reach...isn't it fun :-)

chia said...

Congrats on making 2nd especially considering the horrid timing of it all! Miss ya!

Running Knitter said...

Awesome numbers!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good numbers!! I especially notice that you spent a lot of time on the saddle.

Anne said...

I agree with the others: that's a lot of mileage you managed with everything you had going on.

jahowie said...

Great job. Hey, can I borrow your Ipod? :-)

Lily on the Road said...

WOW, way to go on chalking up the miles...yeowzaaaaa!

Bring Chia to T.O., we'd all have a blast!!

Rainmaker said...

Congrats on getting the mileage in! That's some fairly impressive totals, especially on the bike!

Sunshine said...

For doing it all... of course You are a winner!!