Friday, September 12, 2008


When I get startled, I scream. Doesn't matter what causes it, I scream. Always have. And yep, that happened at about 6:15 this morning when this jumped out at me! This ginormous moth has been hiding out in the house for days. This morning I looked around the windows and curtains to see if it was still there, didn't see it and breathed a sigh of relief. Not only has it been in the house, but it has been totally elusive when trying to catch it and put it outside again. I'm not afraid of these things, just don't want them flying around in my face scaring me to death!

So there I am, packing my lunch, getting ready to leave, putting the lid on a food container when all of a sudden that creature flies up in my face! Apparently, it was under the food container lid when I picked it up and decided to escape just before I put the lid on him.

OMG did I scream bloody murder! I honestly can't believe someone didn't call the police thinking someone was getting murdered! I think I actually scared the crap out of the moth too! Knocked a cup of coffee over and everything.

So that pretty much was my cardio workout for the day before my swim! (3/4 mile in 31 min.)

Hope everyone stays dry this weekend!


Running Knitter said...

I don't like moths either. So did you end up catching it? Or is it still in the house?

chia said...

Ha, wonder what it would have read if you were wearing a HRM?

Have a great weekend! If I'm still alive after my 20 miler... and the weather cooperates... I'm going for a long ride Sunday. Lemmie know if you're in too :-)

Anonymous said...

Way to get the ole heartrate up there!! That's quite a big, scary moth.

Once, a hummingbird got in our house and flew upstairs to my son's room and perched itself on a football trophy. It's a cool picture :)

Lily on the Road said...

Ey carumba, I'd scream to...

Scream & release! Hope he made it outside.

Jenn N Butter said...

I'm a screamer too! I used to live in a house over on the outskirts of lansing that my roommate and I named the Bat Cave. Bet you can't guess why?

Needless to say I did more screaming in that six months than in my entire life!

Now I have a boyfriend that loves to scare me because I scream.



Fe-lady said...

I found a dead one of those in my driveway this afternoon.
He sure is pretty!

Marcy said...


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I'm like that when there's a mouse in the house. eeeeeeeek!

Sunshine said...

Screaming is definitely the automatic response to that kind of surprise. Glad you have a healthy heart.