Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sunset on the sound.

More vacation pics, in no particular order.

Beach houses, Cape Hattaras.

Sharks at the NC Aquarium.

Austin and the sea creatures, NC Aquarium.

Austin, hamming it up with the fake aligator at the NC Aquarium.

Steps looking down or maybe up? at the Cape Hatteras lighthouse, 514 in all.

A view from the top.
A view from the bottom.

Blue crabs in a blue bucket.

Wright Brothers museum.
Wright Brothers Monument.

More Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

I don't know what happened to my beach pics from today, but eventually they will show up? I don't understand how downloading everything into a file somehow becomes a selective process, but there you have it.
Continuation of the North Carolina/Outer Banks shore vacation.
Needless to say, it was lovely! Hot weather and all. I have found this to be some of the most beautiful Atlantic shoreline I have experienced so far--starting all the way from Point Pleasant, NJ, to Miama, FL. This has been my favorite.
There is quite a bit of history in the Outer Banks, something I get geeked out on, from the Wright Brothers' first flight to the moving of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse to the 2003 Hurricane Isobella.
Of course, we experienced quite a bit, to the point where I was exhausted by the end of the week! And I have to say, I LOVED the beaches we visited. All that emerald green water and the water itself in the 80s. Such a treat! We bobbed around on inner tubes for hours!
And of course the seafood! To die for. Crab legs; crab cakes; oysters; shrimp; mahi mahi. I love it all! We ate at Mulligans; Dirty Dicks; and Awful Arthurs.
We have been very fortunate to stay at a condo about 1.5 miles from the ocean, and probably less than 1/2 mile from the sound--for free! Can you say that's the kind of vacation I can love??
Sadly, tonight is our last night. I skipped going out to eat with the family to clean up the place; I want it as clean or cleaner than when we started. When you get to stay for free, it would be so easy for some to take advantage of that, but I want the place spic n' span when we leave so we don't give any bad impression. I appreciate it immensely that we have been given this opportunity.
Tomorrow morning, I am running a local 5k--on the beach--on the sand. I'll let you know how that goes!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Lovely photos. I'm envious!!

And a perfect ending to the vacation - a 5K. Have a good time with that. :)

chia said...

*tee hee* didn't get enough sand running at Benton Harbor?

The offspring have so many unique similarities to you. Spooky :-)

So glad you got a good taste of the Atlantic. Food had to be amazing - my tummy is envious!

Gorgeous sites, bummer it went so quick. Be glad to have you back though! Ha - someone has to teach me how to shift this damn bike (kidding) (well, kinda)(lol).

SWTrigal said...

Look slike a fabulous vacation.Makes me want to go there!

cindy said...

Oh, what a fun vacation! I want to be there!! You guys look like a fun bunch :)

It's nice that you are taking the time to make sure you leave the place spik-n-span...very considerate.

Good luck with the 5K!

See Zanne Run said...

oh! great pictures! i am so envious of everyone who has been to east coast this summer ... looks so dreamy - definitely makes me miss it!

Sunshine said...

Ah, a vacation at the beach: so awesome. Glad you had .. well, really a vacation!!!

Fe-lady said...

Wow...I want to be there.
For some reason I think I visited this place a LONG time ago. Some of it looks too familiar!
Best of luck in the sandy 5k!

jahowie said...

Great pics!! I'm really glad that you had such a great time!! Have a safe trip home.

Lily on the Road said...

Oh, I'm sooo jealous! Nice holiday! Good for you! Love the pictorial and have a safe journey home!

Anne said...

I once did a restaurant review of Dirty Dick's for The Virginian-Pilot. I wonder if they still have it up?!

Glad you made it down to Hatteras. Hope the 5k went well.