Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yep, that's what I saw--mile after mile, I saw a pile.
I actually road 120 bike miles this week because I decided I would go for the gold and try to win the 3rd annual virtual race put on at work. I really don't know if anyone else is in contention but Jan, and since she is doing races for the next 3 weekends, I don't think she is going to make the cutoff, which is 370 miles by August 31. After this weekend, I'm at 235 miles, leaving 135 to go.
And when you're out there for 50 miles at a time, you have plenty of time to think of silly rhymes and stupid questions, like what are Bambi and his pals doing out there on the path to make that kind of mess? Or where is the lady who drives the poop scooper truck I see every Sunday? Clearly, she has neglected her duties this week. Even the heavy rain we had last night didn't wash it away, so I was dodging piles like an obstacle course for the 50 miles today and the 31 yesterday. No way do I want that all over my bike!
I struggled with both rides this weekend. I'm tired and sore and have more to do than just ride my bike, although it would't appear to be that way. And of course this week my bike computer decided to crap out, so I made an impulsive purchase of a new one. The 31 miles Saturday seemed like an eternity since I couldn't actually see how fast I was riding, but fortunately know the distances well enough that I didn't have to guess. It just bugs me to not have all that data when riding.
So I took it to the bike shop to see if it was fixable and wouldn't you know it, they don't carry that brand any more! Having decided I would try to win the race, I really needed that computer to verify in my mind what I am doing, how fast, how far, how long. So I bought a new one rather than keep messing with the old. I ended up getting a wireless computer this time, foregong the cadence I had on my other one to save $20. Only to realize at the turnaround at 25 miles today that now the magnet is on the front wheel, meaning when I put it on the trainer (wheel comes off with this trainer) I still won't have a reading! Aaagh! Now I have to figure something else out or get another one or something. Not sure if the magnet can be moved to the back wheel and still register on the computer in the front. Dang! Another problem to solve. And the LBS guy mounted the computer itself down on the stem (easier to reach there, according to him), except? I have to keep tilting my head down to see it instead of just glancing down, so that won't work either. And when I'm aero, I can't see it at all. But what can I expect from a guy who rides his bike with flip flops and no helmet??
Well I hope everyone had a good weekend, got some good races or training miles in and now I'm off to relax and try to rest up for my next big week ahead!


jahowie said...

The deer must have been busy this weekend. My backyard was full of their strange poop pebbles. Bummer on the computer. I ride on rollers so my computer still works. I know you hate the rollers so tell the guy at the bike shop to hook you up with something that you can use on the trainer and have him mount it where YOU want it. :-)

Lily on the Road said...

Oh, there are soooo many things I need to learn now that I'm going to be biking longer distances.

The Deer are starting to group up for the on the look out for the bucks...they go nuts in the fall "love is in the air"

Anonymous said...

Nice poop picture ;)

I hate when the bike computer goes out on you. That happened to me just as I started riding on my first oly tri last year. I was far have I gone and how fast am I going????

Great rides!!

Rainmaker said...

Thanks for the comments.

I remember making the same sensor on a trainer mistake as well. Funny the little things that ya find out along the way.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

120 miles in one week is pretty impressive! You go, girl.

That's also a lot of deer poop. LOL.

I'm so addicted to the numbers, I don't know if I could ride without my computer working. I don't care so much about speed, but I need to know how far I've gone for some reason...

btw, i now have my bike computer thing hooked to the front wheel and i like it that way. now i know how many road miles i've put on the bike. for trainer rides, i just track time.

jeanne said...

man that's a lot of miles! are you doing these rides on your own? I'm still too scared to tackle that distance by myself.

I have purposely avoided a bike computer. I figure out my speed later, and map my route on mapmybike or somewhere. Otherwise, I'd never look at the road!

GOOD FOR YOU. You're gonna win!

Groover said...

That's not long to go. I'm sure you can make it. I know exactly what you are going through with your bike computer. I went through exactly the same. But now that I've got another bike I have the old bike set up for the windtrainer with rear wheel sensor.